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4th July Joseph Hubbard will be arriving downunder from the UK to join John Mackay for ten weeks on the road for ministry and research. Yes, the cost of training these young people is large, but invaluable - will you help? Joseph is a real answer to our prayers, and is doing exceedingly well in his geology studies. Joseph is 1.82m (6’5”) so smaller economy class seats won’t work. We are bringing him premium economy with its extra leg room to avoid DVT.

The 10 weeks will involve driving about 5000km, and flying another 4000km, as we track and side-track from Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne to Launceston, Adelaide to Alice Springs (Northern Territory) and back. Total cost will be around $20,000 and we are looking forward to all who believe this is God’s will, to get behind this.

What will Joseph be doing downunder? Preaching, field research, radio, school classes, meeting with university students, and keep watching for a ‘possible’ debate. God has gifted Joseph as a researcher, a preacher and teacher, and we are convinced the Lord Jesus has His hand on this young man. So pray much that our Father’s will be done and Jesus be glorified, and for many to be saved.

More information here. 

  1. FABULOUS STRATA MACHINE SUCCESS exposes the lies that rock layers take millions of years to form – the bottom layer is oldest because it got there first, and the fossil record is the history of evolution. Our Strat machines are an impressive display showing the truth is exactly the opposite. Only moving water shifts sediment, and it always moves sideways, so all layers grow from the side, and therefore the oldest fossils are not the ones at the bottom. Evolution is a provable lie. So far we spent well over $15,000 over two years of experiments to produce machines that will, in just a short visit to Jurassic Ark, show students this. Get on board and invest your gifts in this outreach.

More information here.

  1. FOSSIL PROTECTOR NEEDS YOUR HELP Exciting new fossil finds galore at Jurassic Ark, means they need protection from tropical storm damage. Murray, our engineering colleague, is hoping to erect complete storm protection and shade cover before our September 8th Open Day, so people can not only work under the covering shade, but more importantly, the fossil finds will no longer decay in the weather. Cost is around 10K per weatherproof cover, (with all labour free).
  1. NEW DINOSAUR COVE as heaps of dinosaur display materials including two drowned dinosaurs, are now at Jurassic Ark. These top grade museum casts have excited students with evidence supporting Creation and Noah’s Flood. The facts absolutely deny millions of years of slow burial and evolution. 
  1. TITE TRUMPS Our very successful rapid stalactite and fossil making experiments are becoming notorious evidence against the fallacy that fossils and rocks in caves take millions of years to form. Each machine we’ve set up costs at least $1000 in parts, let alone in labour, maintenance and cost of observation. Yet the end results amaze people around the globe.

More information here. 

  1. a. PUMPING COSTS – WATER. With fuel at $1.20 - $1.56 / litre, we go through $30 - $50 a day keeping the Creation Museum gardens pristine. Will you help?
  1. FERTILISER COSTS – 50 bags of fertiliser a year @ $25 per bag.
  1. RADIO MINISTRY - Many of you hear us on Vision Radio, 4CRB, or Cooloola Christian Radio. No, the stations don’t pay us to be there – we depend on your funds to spend time preparing programs and having time to record them. Help now! We have also teamed with Vision and Cooloola Radio, in reaching some of the smaller country towns with the truth of Christ as Creator, Sustainer, Saviour, and Lord. Vision helps us spread the word throughout Australia. Your gifts enable us to achieve exactly that.
  1. STAFF COSTS - Like you, all our workers need to eat, sleep and wear clothes as well as pay lodging. All are needed to do the ministry the Lord Jesus has put in front of us and each staff person needs finance daily, so choose to bless them that the Lord may bless you.

THANK YOU from all of us here at Creation Research for prayerfully giving to the above projects. We look forward to your continued fellowship in this ministry

SECURE DONATIONS: AUSTRALIA   USA Tax-Deductible   UK Gift Aid   The Rest of the World


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