Natural selection (or artificial selection) can only choose from the orchids that already exist. It cannot turn seaweed into orchids.

The orchid (right) is a normal beautiful Cattleya. Count the petals. The orchid (below right) is a mutant of the same variety which emerged in our Creation Research orchid house in May 2002. Notice it has lost a petal, a sepal and colour. This is the type of change seen in the real world. We can now select the plant and breed from it to produce a new variety, of degenerate orchid. This brings out a real weakness in evolution - selecting something is not the same as making something. Natural selection (or artificial selection) can only choose from the orchids that already exist. It cannot turn seaweed into orchids

The June conference in Nottingham UK, saw the first results of many years of our orchid research which glorify God as Creator and expose evolution as fraud. Support such long term Creation Research projects. The cost has been measured in tens of thousands of dollars - the results are measured in eternity as people learn they can trust the written word of God about creation, and the living word of God who is the Creator - Jesus Christ

orchid project
Bee Orchid
Keep watching as the bee-numbing orchid above goes on display at Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark. Each flower is as big as your hand and marvellous for showing the way God has designed it to be pollinated. The orchid actually shuts down the bees back legs and guess what happens next? Find out when you come and see our fabulous orchid display showing God's genius in design.
Prize winning orchid donated. This beautiful deep purple orchid (right) with sunset orange tips, was recently given to Creation Research for Jurassic Ark. We are truly grateful to donors June and Barry and it will be added to our Orchid display which is now really looking good. God has certainly designed some magnificent plants and it is a reminder that God does love pretty things. He didn't just create a practical machine that would work. He built it to be beautiful as well. Orchid donated
Cook Town Orchids, King Orchids, and Australian Native orchids of all sorts
. If you have any, get in touch with us and let us know how we can receive them. Contact details: Phone 07 3206 4467 / 0488 740 407 Email:
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