CREATION RESEARCH ONTARIO NEWS - GOOD THINGS happening in Ontario as the Goodwood Baptist Church sets up our Ontario Creation Research Museum. Our Museum started as a mobile rock and fossil display which has been to churches schools and universities. Now the museum has a permanent home, it opens the door to hosting creation events with an on site mini-museum. Pastor Liew comments on the importance of Creation: "We are living in a time when our society is so influenced by the humanistic philosophy of evolution, it is imperative for Bible-believing Churches to promote ministries such as Creation Research. If we don't, our country will drift farther away from Christian principles & the Bible will become irrelevant to guide our lives. Today's children are growing up with no clear understanding of the Biblical accounts of creation & therefore their faith is no longer grounded in the Word of God. I believe that the Creation is one of the strong foundations of our faith. We strongly commend & support the ministries of Creation Research & Martin."



Young students enjoy the display showing the fossil facts found around Ontario by Martin Legemaate and John Mackay which are consistent with creation and Noahs flood. The specimens also show the evidence of rapid formation of rocks and oil which abounds in Ontario.


To ask Martin to lead a field trip for your group contact
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Here’s  looking at you!
This rolled up trilobite is "Pseudogygites Latimarginatus."  It was found at Craigleith Ontario Canada and is featured on the DVD, Darwin on the Rocks. Tthe picture shows the Head side or cephalon of the fossil. The rolled position is  a sure indicator of rapid burial.
It was by cutting open the rolled trilobites that researchers first found their legs and internal structures were not only extremely well preserved which also indicated rapid burial, but their structure showed they were definitely arthropods and extinct cousins of the present day Forest Louse or Rolly Polly
Apatite in Orange Calcite
Location: Otter Lake Quebec
Crystals are such wonderfully ordered arrangements of matter they have long attracted gem collectors. And the God who created the matter and gave it the properties which produce such magnificent design certainly proves He loves beautiful things.

All Clammed Up!

Mussels (Pelecypods) in the Georgian Bay Formation Shale were found closed up.When you touch a modern living clam they close up due to fright. When they die they open up. This means the fossil mussels were buried alive and deep enough so that they couldn’t burrow out and the surrounding sediments hardened too quickly for it to open up after it died. As modern clams can escape from up to 3 m depth of burial, it also means sediment layers built up very quickly at this spot – no millions of years preserved at all.

Compare the fossil clams to the open modern mussel found at Burnt river, Haliburton Ont, for extra evidence that creatures have produced after their kind as God said he created them to do. (fossil clams from Georgian Bay Formation Toronto Ont.)

Escape En Masse!
These curious markings are mussel burrows created by mussels as they move up and down in the mud. Multiple burrows were found in the limestone slabs here. Mussels living today burrow mainly to prevent themselves from being dislodged during swift currents. Using tool marks as an indicator of slab orientation the fossil burrows were found to be moving upwards. This indicates the mussels were trying to avoid being buried alive by accumulating sediments, add to that the abundance of fossil mussels in the rocks is evidence they didn't make it out alive.


To ask Martin to lead a field trip for your group contact Attention MARTIN.


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