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Creation Research Mega Museum Australia

See fossil collection

MUSEUM FOSSIL display and comments by Prof. Andy McIntosh

MEGA SPECIMEN - a giant wombat-like diprotodont


MUSEUM BUILDING NEED - AUSTRALIA. Now that we have a rent free building in Tasmania for a Creation Discovery Centre, how about it you mainlanders?

Yes we would ideally love a building between the Brisbane airport and the Sunshine Coast, or alternatively the Gold Coast, or option 3 - Toowoomba.

Any Christian business men out there got a spare building with highway access? Rent free?

We have fabulous material for displays showing the truth of God's Word from the beginning. All sorts or fossils, aboriginal implements, real top grade museum materials are just waiting. Contact us on or 
phone 07 3206 4467 / 0488 740 407– to talk to us.

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