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PLEASE share the following for prayer and praise and rejoice with us in God's goodness during difficult times. Pray for us and keep in touch.
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1. NEW ZEALAND - Last week's Creation Evidence meetings at Christchurch Uni NZ were a real success. We got to meet Nils who became a Christian as result of last year's Uni meeting ( we didn't know this either) and it was a joy to watch him witnessing to the skeptics who were there. Nils is doing his MSc. Pray for him.

2. OUR PORTABLE CREATION MUSEUM NZ which was so successful at Westlake Boys High for many months, is being moved to Kingsway Christian College for the next few months. Continue to support our work in schools.

3. THE FINANCIAL CRUNCH is biting hard around the globe at present. John Mackay has just arrived in Sacramento USA and todays lead article page 1 in the San Francisco Chronicle is how price hikes due to fuel flow ons and hurricanes are hurting many people badly. Pray much for all ministries at this time. Jack Hannah (our Canada rep) reports cancellations on the October Ontario itinerary due to budget cutbacks.

4. BIBLICAL BYTES WITH ROMULUS CAMPAN "And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints." Rev. 15.3

As we finish our study of Creation's central role in the book of Revelation, the Spirit of the Lord brought to my attention a magnificent passage concerned with the supreme form of heavenly praise of the Almighty God. I
deliberately wrote "supreme", because I am convinced that the utmost of our praises here on Earth cannot be compared with the praising choir of those who will forever live their victory in Christ, in the promised heavenly
presence of God.

As we read Revelation 15:3, the perfect Biblical harmony of the Old and New Testament is once again obvious. I shouldn't even try to bring any verses in support of the fact that the simple mention of Moses' name in the verse,
uniquely harmonized with Jesus' name, should disperse all shadows of doubt in regard to Creation's vital importance for the God-desired understanding of Christ's finished work on the Cross of Calvary. But should we ask
ourselves for a moment, "What exactly is this 'song of Moses'?" There are at least two instances when the Spirit of God explicitly inspired verses about songs sung by Moses: one is in Exodus 15, while the second is perfectly
fitted in the book of Psalms as Psalm 90. The most superficial reading of Psalm 90, should throw any liberal Christians on their knees as in v.2 we read about the eternal nature of the Godhead, and about God's supreme act of
creating the Universe and the Earth. Let us join with loud acclaim as we prayerfully sing the song of Moses' in Ps. 90.17: "And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon
us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it."

5. AUSTRALIA - DR GRAHAM FRENCH has addressed students at the Australian Defence Academy in Canberra on the Origin of Life. Continue to pray for Graham as he ministers God's word. He has a great gift from God to deal with young people's questions and reservations about scripture.

6. AUSTRALIA - PASTOR DARRYN WINDOLF has been one of our serious fossil collecting experts and field trip assistant's for many years and he has just finished a great time sharing the Evidence of Creation at Redlands College. Darryn is also pastor at Hertford St Baptist at Mt Gravatt, loves the Lord
and wants to see people saved.

7. QUEENSLAND HOMESCHOOLING CONFERENCE, coordinated by Ken Evans, followed by two days of field trips, were not only full, they were a blessed success. This is the first event Ken has organised for us. Ken was previously coordinator for Answers in Genesis for many years, and he will be coordinating further meetings in the South East Queensland area in February 2006 for Creation Research. The day was further blessed by the rotating
attendance of the Australian Christian Academy office staff who were much encouraged by the result of the day.

8. CANADA ALBERTA DEBATE COMING UP. John Mackay has been invited to debate Canadian evolutionists, Dr Lameroux and Dr Caldwell. Dr Lameroux would come under the heading of theistic evolutionist while Dr Caldwell is an atheistic evolutionist. Details Edgar Nernberg (403) 503 0168 Email:

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11. READ THE ENCOURAGING MAIL we have received from around the globe.

HUNGARY - THE BLESSING GOES ON and on. Romulus writes: "Please read the below and see what a blessing the Liverpool debate DVD was and is for Bro. Tom Hilgeman and the ACSI team (Europe). Pray the Lord would open many doors as he is committed to promote Creation Research. I'm glad the Lord led
us to offer this as a gift to this dear brother. See what's happening!"

From: "Thomas Hilgeman" "I finally had a few moments to sit down and watch the Polkinghorne Debate DVD. I was very impressed. Mackay he took an approach I would never have thought of, but it makes 100% sense. I shared it with others of our staff and they agreed with me - it was a new approach and they hadn't thought of it either. Thanks again for this excellent gift! Its message will be replicated over and over when we have to defend creationism or help teachers to do so. I may have to deal with this in Liberia - if so, it makes the timing of the gift even more important!"

NEW CREATION RESEARCH BOOK IN HUNGARIAN as Romulus shares: "I am glad to inform you that I have the second edition of Prof. Tibor Toth's book, "Science, Faith, World Explanation"!

To my delight the book is loaded with Creation Research from the Introduction to the very end. He is very thankful in the Introduction for the photographic etc. material you gave him, fact mentioned elsewhere in the book as well. You have a full page photo, the "Where Paleozoic meets Precambrian" one, and scores of references and quotes all over the book.

The book seems to be VERY good, especially because it is the FIRST written by a respected academic, and as much as I went into it, accurate and VERY balanced in regard to Science and Christianity! I am sure it will become THE creationist reference book for Hungarian Christians!

So praise God, and let's pray the Lord will bless and use to His glory and our ministry's benefit, the excellent work done by Prof. Tibor Toth!"


USA TENNESSEE CHURCH WRITES "Dear John, We have greatly enjoyed your 3 messages on-line at the Creation Research web site. In fact, we are borrowing them for a while and putting them on our website at along with your picture and brief bio. Because of Christ, Roger Johnson Trinity Baptist Church. Franklin.

UK HIGH SCHOOL LITERATURE TEACHER BILL BURNLEY SHARES how Creation Research was used by God to bless him. "The last twelve months or so have taken me through a series of personal decisions which have changed my life totally. The first and most important of these was to accept the Lord Jesus into my life and become a Christian at Easter 2004; I was 58. From that point onwards choices and decisions flowed thick and fast. It wasn't long before the question of Creation versus Evolution came to the fore. Like the majority of people in the western world, I was an accepting evolutionist, spoon-fed what was central to the school curriculum and wall-to-wall nature
documentaries by the likes of David Attenborough. As a teacher of English Literature to A-Level students, I recall a question from the Practical Criticism paper one year which compared accounts of the Oxford debate in
1860 between the Bishop of Oxford, 'Soapy Sam' Wilberforce, and Professor T.H. Huxley, who coined the term 'agnosticism' and, in the texts provided, clearly the hero of the hour and champion of what was by now becoming
scientific orthodoxy. The exam questions encouraged students to investigate literary methods securing bias in favour of Huxley; never once did I imagine the deeper, more pernicious distortion reflected in such an exercise.

It now became all too apparent that I would have to address this matter. Without knowing what it was called, I tried the Theistic Evolution route - what should we understand by a 'day'? Could the Hebrew word yom mean an
unspecified period of time? Why, having accepted so many of the other foundations of faith, was the one which took the idea of a six-day creation absolutely literally proving so difficult? Enlightenment came over the first weekend in March this year. On the Saturday our group Fellowship which holds its meetings just north of Manchester had as guest speaker John Mackay who firmly believes in a six-day creation. His presentation and good-humoured
way of delivering his practical witness emphasised the force of his message, and I came away with much to think about. The day after reports of the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami were still very much in the news, and
the Lord spoke to me: 'If I can destroy so much in so little time, how can you not believe in my power to create everything in six days?'

That was it. I allowed faith in the power of the Lord to enter my heart. Creation had happened, and it wasn't my problem to figure out how. Someone else summed it up more recently by asserting 'The Lord says what He means,
and means what He says'. Two days later I went to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral to hear John Mackay again, this time debating the issue with eminent Theistic Evolutionist Canon John Polkinghorne and drawing the majority of the 1100-strong audience to his position. I was already there. Genesis 1 is true!

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