JURASSIC ARK 2000m (2187 yards) MURALS:
CREATION, THE FALL, THE FLOOD, BABEL TO AUSTRALIA each mural measures approx 1.2 m x 2.4m.

Adam and Eve Genesis 1 & 2. Can you spot the dinosaur? See larger image of the above and more detail HERE
The fall into sin Genesis 3. The Book of Revelation called Satan "The old dragon" and dragon is provably the old word for the new word dinosaur. Which dinosaur do you think we show in the picture?
Noah's Flood starts. Only those creatures on the Ark will survive.
Steve Cardno puts finishing touches to the Tower of Babel mural.
'DROWNED' MURAL was added greatly to our collection of fabulous fossils some of which were on display. Fossil dinosaurs are often found with their neck bent back and tails curved over in agonized tension via drowning.
Living fossil
LIVING FOSSIL MURAL added to our Jurassic Ark project at Gympie as UK artist Ann Squires does a fabulous painting to illustrate Darwin's bug bear – living fossils. ann1
Living fossil mini
MINI MURALS AT JURASSIC ARK  size 60cm x 60cm (2 foot x 2 foot) as UK artist Ann Squires brings to life plants in our Living Fossil garden need ID so people can walk between the trees and know why each plant was put in the garden.
Pre flood
THE BEAUTIFUL MURAL ABOVE by Ann Squires right (UK) is designed to show the transition from the magnificence of God's created handiwork, with the giant trees on the right hand side now represented in the present only by midgets ann1
GREAT DINOSAUR MURAL by one of our regular English Artist supporters Ann Squires, has put together this great mural to go alongside our new trackway exhibit. Can you spot the ducks and the crane?

Fred Dainty

Fred Dainty retired builder
has been responsible for
many construction projects at JA. A blessed friend.



Neil Golding's generosity helped rebuild JA after the 2011 floods. Thanks mate.


Bob Willmer 1937-2015
was a prospector whose
travels helped find many
specimens for Jurassic Ark

First Five Days of Creation Genesis 1. Plesiosaurs were made on the fifth day as were birds.
First mural erected by Steve Cardno and Fred Dainty.
Noah's Flood finishes, and God promises the rainbow as a sign He will never send a global flood again.
Babel mural finished. Different skin colours had altready existed by the time of the Flood but racial groups did not form until after the Flood.
Abraham's famine occured throughout the entire Middle East and is one more clue that global warming/cooling/climate change is not controlled by man.

UK Artist Philip Snow did a spectacular job on the mural we have now erected at our Gympie site, shown with our builder Fred Dainty, and with great close ups of beautiful detail below. Philip's mural is about Day 5 - the Creation of swimming and flying creatures.

Ice age

MURAL ON ICE AGE AND PRE FLOOD VIOLENCE as our artists have a field day at Jurassic Ark where we deal with a real climate change mentioned in the book of Job. See CLIMATE CHANGE THE GOD FACTOR and CLIMATE CHANGE AND CREATION available as DVD and downloadable MP4.

Now the earth was corrupt and the earth was filled with violence. Genesis 6: 11
GREAT NEW MURAL by our newest staff member Natalie, features some of the many fossil polystrate trees John Mackay has found over the years of Creation Research.

It's still a long way from Abraham to Australia, so keep watching for coming murals and keep sending your support for Australia's only outdoor Creation Museum.


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