RICHARD DAWKINS INTERVIEWS MACKAY in a totally unexpected and at short notice (5hrs - Tuesday 27 November) for a proposed Channel 4 TV UK (release late 2008 as run up to Darwin's 200th birthday). Dawkins, who has been publically aggressively anti-creation and anti-Christian to date, did try hard to play the role of genteel English interviewer as he aimed at our increasingly successful and widespread work in schools. We can see why Dawkins and co feel they need to hype up their act as that very day the grade 11's, 12's and 13's at Brentwood High School (govt) got classroom exposure for around 1.5hrs, with a public request by the teacher for us to come back again.

We did challenge him (and the producers) to a public debate in Darwin's birth place of Shrewsbury to celebrate Darwin's 200th birthday, but it soon became evident why Dawkins has not offered to debate thus far as he seems to not be the world's best at thinking fast on his feet. He has a set line and if you depart from it he seems to get stuck.

Dawkins, by the way, readily agreed that if anyone accepted evolution they would have a problem accepting Christianity, and usefully still holds his stated position he made on his PBS interview by Bill Moyers who asked "Is evolution a theory, not a fact?" To which Dawkins replied, "Evolution has been observed. It's just that it hasn't been observed while it's happening" - which made it easy for John Mackay to hammer the blind faith aspect of his atheist position.

Dawkins also took aim at our UK tax charity status, does creation make any testable predictions, the billions of year age of the earth and our not being relevant because we were not in agreement with evolutionists, and his accusation that we surely can't believe what we were saying so it must be a well paid act!

The interview was pre-recorded so the editors will have almost a year to try to edit it to favour Dawkins if their little heart's desire that. Obviously if the interview makes Dawkins look too bad they might decide to just show film of John talking to Richard and scenes of John preaching in a church, then put Dawkins voice over the top so that he gets said what he wants about these creationists. They may even want to use it to put alongside theistic evolutionists to make it look as if Christians are in disarray.

We did get to promote to Dawkins our updated 15 part high school Science course "Search for the origin of Life", now on our 3D web museum - so expect some critical atheist reviews from Dawkins in the near future, which will only improve the course. Our course has been
developed by searching the majority of the world's High School Science Texts and using the most prevalent arguments for evolution, with the very important addition of showing students what has been left out. It changes the picture totally and enables an easy move to the subject of creation.

Dawkins and team did get the Gospel as well as the creation bit, so pray for them.

This year we have spoken to several thousand high school students using this course with great success in public, private and Christian Schools. If anyone would like us to come to their school in 2008 to present this course, or to run it for a home schooling group, get in touch NOW .

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