Joseph Hubbard and John Mackay froze as Icelandic winds scoured across the UK during this last week, but the evidence for creation and the flood they found was great.
In the first block  you see Joseph and John heading out on a moderate morning which degenerated to hail and snow during the day so that by the time John found a giant fossil sponge it was bitter. We know it’s a sponge because they are still here and this one was preserved in flint..tough, as was the echinoderm Johns gloved hand is holding.

In the other block you see the results of the Saturdays public Field trip where only the very hardy made it to the ends through freeing rain, but the fossils you can see ..a lamp shell fossil, a matching cockle shell pair living and one fossil from the same location, as well as the spectacular metal spike found fossilizing in the rock on this stretch of UK coast line were worth it.  Joseph is holding another field trip to this location in June so if you live I UK and want a Norfolk outing on June 9, contact us for more details.

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John Mackay is shown with a great Ammonite deep sea shell buried with a south American Monkey Puzzle Tree fossil. Found west of Cardiff in Wales it's a fabulous flood specimen mixture of land and sea creatures. Now on its way to display in the UK as evidence Gods Word is true.

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Dover Cliffs heading1

Andrew Forbes and John Mackay scoured the cliffs just west of Dover  UK. The climb down was for the centre top. The fossils were at sea level far right. Now look what came out of the chalk and silty layers. 

First the beautiful white ammonite shell with absolutely embroidery like markings.

PLUS a truly beautiful jet black sharks tooth,

The sharks tooth was mixed with a land plants, which when John carefully excavated one,
it also seemed to have a thorny projection.

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Excavation of THORN/SPINE FOSSIL beds usually labelled Neuropteris by our team.

John Mackay in front of bed (September 24th 2012). We first found the fossils in the rubble of a 2007 cliff fall after a very cold winter caused much cliff to collapse. It has taken quite a while to trace the thorns back up the cliff to their source and then to show they are found for several hundred meters of exposure beds around the cliff face.


The Thorns come from a narrow layer only a few centimetres thick which contains many varieties of plant fossils and most in excellent shape indicating that they did not lie around for vast ages in a swamp being slowly digested by bacteria or rotting into swamp soup. They also show no sign of having grown where they are found and many show a current direction which can be seen in the long blackened stems in the photo.


Some of the Neuropteris leaves are polystrate; that is they are buried at right angles to the horizontal bedding ( front right of rock) while the thorn stems ( back left) lie along the bedding as seen in this photo.


Many of the larger stems are also polystrate further indicating rapid deposition. This specimen is now on its way to our Museum in Ontario.



The thorny stems we have found in 2007, 2009 and now 2012 along several hundred meters of exposed strata, where none of the rock shows any evidence of a previous soil structure only adds to the picture of flood type deposition - rapid and not millions of years.
These fossil thorny stems have been sent to many museums as well as our own and we are grateful to all whose gifts enable such research and discoveries.
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As usual we encountered much other evidence of rapid surges of burial which included this polystrate giant reed like tree trunk in rather bad condition after a cliff fall removed the front half. Stuart Macleod is in front for scale. When these trunks come fully out their cross sections are often amazing as they can be full of amphibian, fish and land plant fossils. Further indication of
sedimentary drowning by flood mud.


The proving of this extended thorn/spine bed along the cliffs north of Sydney Nova Scotia on Monday 24th September, by Stuart Macleod and John Mackay has implications the evolutionists run from or yell abuse at or dismiss. The current ‘official’ age of these cliffs with Carboniferous coal beds is around 300 million years old. But its easy to prove that geologists don’t really care how old the coal seams are – but they really really do care how old they aren’t! What do I mean? The ages of these rocks have changed many times since Darwin’s mentor and founding father of modern Geology Charles Lyell set out to “free the Science from Moses,” and the ‘300 or so million’ is just the latest date from whoever is the currently accepted authority. And that’s the real point of these spiny fossils – who is the accepted authority in history?

The majority of the worlds earth history buffs – geologists/palaeontologists etc hate to be reminded that since the Creator was there in the beginning, and He made a world without thorns, therefore any rocks containing fossil thorny structures must post date the first created man. Remember that God told Adam as judgement for Adam and Eves sin, the ground would henceforth produce thorns, thistles and weeds. This would also mean that any rocks with fossil thorns must be less than 6 or so thousand yrs old, which is the only age geological authorities insist these rocks must not be. Not because of the number 6000, but because of the challenge to their authority. That’s why even high school students learn that fossils are defined as ‘10,000 yrs or older.’ It rules out the authority of the biblical Creator by definition. Convenient eh? Makes evidence irrelevant doesn’t it, which is exactly what they accuse creationists of. So keep up your support of our Research Projects as we 1. expose the total lack of evidence for the most foolish theory that has grabbed he attention of millions – Darwin/s Evolution. AND 2. your support makes it possible to also collect the great evidence of creation and flood.


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Latest UK Finds May 2016. Joseph Hubbard and John Mackay froze as Icelandic winds scoured across the UK during this last week, but the evidence for creation and the flood they found was great

New Fossil Find Folkstone UK Monday 11th April 2016. Andrew Forbes and John Mackay scoured the cliffs just west of Dover  UK. The climb down was for the centre top. The fossils were at sea level far right. Now look what came out of the
chalk and silty layers.
UK Dorset Fossils Flood Evidence Part 1 by Joseph FINDING FOSSIL FLOOD EVIDENCE IN THE UK (PART 1 Dorset Coast) A two week research trip with my family to the famous Jurassic Coast, in Dorset, UK has revealed many interesting and thought-provoking fossils.
UK Fossil Find Outside Manchester (Creation Research UK) UK FLOOD FOSSIL TREE FINDS SLIDE SHOW of 15 slides which run automatically
Our New German Flood Fossil Finds (Research Files) TEN DAYS GERMAN RESEARCH ON FLOOD FOSSILS in the original  Jura has been unbelievably beneficial. New finds of sea shells embedded in land  plants, coal with deep sea ammonites and more.


PINE CLONES DEFY EVOLUTIONARY DOGMA that says biodiversity is the essential driving force for evolution.

PINE CLONES DEFY EVOLUTIONARY DOGMA that says biodiversity is the essential driving force for evolution. The pines are the Wollemi Pine – a tree thought to be extinct for 120 million years but found to be alive and well in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia. Two separate stands of these were discovered in 1994 and since then seedlings have been grown from them. Plant geneticists compared the DNA of trees in the two stands and the seedlings and found they are all identical even though the two stands are too far away from one another for interbreeding. Seedlings should show evidence of the re-mixing of genes that occurs with every new generation. (Sydney Morning Herald, 1 July, 2000.)

ED. COM. This finding is not a problem if the pines have only been there for thousands of years instead of the 120 million years claimed by evolutionists. (Ref. Wollemi, pine, genes)

Click Wollemi Fossil Pine close up for more detailed fossil image.



Evidence News 20th May 2005

AUSSIE 'JURASSIC' TREE takes root in London, reports ABC News Wednesday May 11, 2005. A 'Jurassic' tree dating from the dinosaur age and long thought to have been extinct for 200 million years has been planted at a park in London by British wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough.

One of the rarest trees in the world, the Wollemi Pine was found in Australia by a national parks officer, David Noble, in 1994. The discovery astonished botanists worldwide who had thought the tree died out millions of years ago.

"How marvellous and exciting that we should have discovered this rare survivor from such an ancient past," Sir David said as the tree went on public display at Kew Gardens. "It is romantic, I think, that something has survived 200 million years unchanged," he said.

Tony Kirkham, head of the arboretum at Kew, was one of the people allowed to see the tree in its natural habitat in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. "In botanic terms, it is like a zoologist going out and finding a live dinosaur somewhere, a Tyrannosaurus Rex," he said.

ED.COM. Attenborough has done it again. He holds all the evidence in his hands and even makes the observation Wollemi Pines have not changed, and then shoots his mouth off about everything evolving every week on TV worldwide. Sadly, he is a good example of Romans 1:20-22 "For the invisible things of God from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that men are without excuse. Because, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were they thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools," KJVm (Ref. kind, equilibrium, creation)


Evidence News 24th July 2002

ELLIOTASAURUS was found in pit about 8m long and, 2m deep about 80 minutes drive from Winton, Australia reports The Courier Mail 6th July 2002 p31. "Elliot is the biggest dinosaur yet found in Australia. A long-necked brontosaurus-type of herbivore, similar in size to anything found in Africa or North America, it is estimated to have been up to 21m long. Last October, Queensland Museum announced Elliot's existence, but not until this week, when Dr Steve Salisbury's hunch to dig deeper paid off, has the real impact been realised....The Courier Mail was fortunate enough to be driven to the secret location just a couple of hours after (the) find. The atmosphere crackled with excitement and anticipation as the volunteers found more fossils as the day progressed. A complete vetebra. Bones of a foot. And all around on the rock, wonderfully preserved remains of the foliage the dinosaurs had eaten plus perfect impressions of small pine cones, similar to those on Australia's living fossil the Wollemi pine found growing in the Blue Mountains near Sydney in 1994."ED. COM. How good is your maths - Wollemi pine are still here - Dinosaurs are gone. Doesn't it seem as if extinction is the real history of life - then, just as now - and not evolution. Just a thought...! (Ref. dinosaurs, Australia, Elliot)



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