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CREATION RESEARCH IN PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS "APPALLING". ABC TV News, 13 August 2011 broke the story and The Australian 15 August 2011, p2, continued attacking John Mackay for speaking to students at Gympie State High School. Details click special page report PDF. 

Canadian TV show "INSIGHT" quizzes  Vance Nelson and John Mackay.avi
Dinosaurs, Age of Earth, Six Day Creation, Evolution and much more. International Director of Creation Research John Mackay was for many years a science teacher in both state and private systems in Queensland Australia. He also lectured in Geology at Tertiary level for Technical Education and was instrumental in establishing Creation Research in Australia. Vance Nelson, owner of Canada's largest traveling creation museum and one of our hard working consultants, standing in front of the "living fossils" display at the first stage of construction.  Vance drafted the original display proposal for the entire museum.  He and Harry set about to aquire the fossils and displays we now have in the museum.

CONFIRMING CREATION TV BROADCAST - Program 3 Creation Questions and Answers.avi

Three 30 minute TV programs broadcast on Canadian TV's 100 Huntley Street Show with Vance Nelson and John Mackay defeat evolution.
Program 1. (Vance Nelson and John Mackay) What about the dinosaurs?
Program 2. The travelling Creation Museum.
Program 3. Creation Questions and Answers.

LIVE9 is a popular TV TALK SHOW broadcast across the UK on Genesis Revelation TV and this episode features the Creation Guy John Mackay being interviewed by Leon Martin at the start of a recent UK tour.

BBC BROADCASTS JOHN MACKAY ON HARD talk worldwide. One viewer writes, "EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait for the reviews from the anti-Christian web sites. Well done." Great responses from as far apart as Ukraine, Israel, India, USA, New Zealand etc. HARDtalk can be watched on line This page introduces the programme and it is linked from there. Requires RealPlayer or similar.

DAWKINS vs MACKAY 3 part video was broadcast on UK TV Channel 4, 18th August 2008. John has a well filmed track record of debating and defeating many of the world's leading evolutionists including the world's best known Atheist Cambridge Prof Richard Dawkins, who contacted John for a head to head session which has been broadcast several times on Channel 4 in the UK. For more details and to watch the broadcast click Here


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