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It seems to me that Evolutionists would advocate that mutations add information to the DNA chain, then it ought to follow that technology should be able to REVERSE the process: ie. take an advanced "evolutionary" source such as a mammal, and with current gene technology REMOVE the relevant genes to give rise to an earlier less complex we might start with a monkey and reduce it to a bird or something else in reverse "Jurassic Park" style. Is this possible? Bob Drummond

Do waterlogged Equisitum (Horsetail Rush) stems and roots float and sink vertically after saturation? Reason for asking - there are many vertical Equisitum trunks (giant forms) in the rock records of Tennessee and the UK. Many have no roots attached and it would be interesting to prove if the horsetail rush really does sink vertically and stand when in burial. Secondly, particularly in the UK, there are multiple bands of Equisitum roots alone. These are vertical and are almost invariably regarded as evidence of previous insitu Equisitum forests that have rooted themselves, and then been eroded away by some mechanism leaving the insitu roots. It will be useful to see if Equisitum roots actually sink and take up vertical positions on the bottom of the pond.
The controversial speed of light question - has it been faster in the past? If so, what are the pragmatic tests that could be applied to test this in biology/geology, i.e. implications on radioactive decay constants. Would it have any effect on any geological or biological process that would have left a record?
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Evolutionary theory assumes any amount of time can be taken for life chemicals to evolve. Racemisation rates of amino acids contradites this. Compile a list of these, especially the ones in animal tissue and plant tissue with the perspective of seeing how long you can take to make a cell, before the natural racemisation process takes over and kills it, given that all Amino Acids in life are left handed. Do the same for racemised life sugars.
The Natural life spans of molecules such as RNA, enzymes, before break down due to radiation, interactive chemistry etc in the natural environment would preclude evolution being possible. What is the shortest lived organic molecule in the cell.
Evolutionists extrapolate given enough time small changes add up to become big changes since we have enough time, therefore big changes are possible, therefore microbes can become man. But creationsts say given enough time small negative changes become big negative changes If we grant "enough time," then big negative changes have occured. The accumulating negative changes lead to death/extinction. Since evolutionists use "mutation rates" to date things like the "African Eve". Is the opposite possible, that is using "mutation rates" to see how long before a creature/specis will become extinct...?
The Hydroplate theory posits a singular continent (Pangea?) that, upon the start of the Flood, volcanism on a massive scale rent into the continental fragments we see today. Today's mid-oceanic ridges, according to Hydroplate, are the sites at which the supercontinent split apart. Even today, spreading at the mid-oceanic ridges is still measurable, although at very slow rates.
During the Flood, however, spreading was extremely rapid according to Hydroplate, with some estimates of the rate of tectonic movement at 45 MPH. At that rate, assuming the Atlantic ocean at about 3,000 miles wide, it took the Americas only 2 months or so to arrive at their present position relative to Europe/Africa.
My question is this: what was happening on the "leading edge" of the tectonic plate(s) during this catastrophic movement? Massive subduction? Massive overthrusting? I can't see the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California as high enough to account for 2 months' worth of upthrusting. This is the only real question I have regarding the Hydroplate theory.
The oil shales of Georgian Bay (Canada) contain Lingula shells (brachiopods) and Crinoids. These organisms do not usually live in the same environment and indicate a significant mixing usually resulting from rapid current movement. Investigate how common these 'mixed' environments are in oil shales and what they indicate about time it took for rock to be deposited
Human Jaws are reputed to continue growing throughout life. Is there any evidence (based on human skeletal remains) of the existence of people listed in the Bible who had lifespans of many centuries before the days of Noah.
Given the previous question does this throw any light on the increasing problem wisdom teeth are causing modern man and the common claim in many dental courses that the human jaw is decreasing in size as part of man’s evolution!
The Lignite Coal Fields of North Dakota USA contain a strange mixture of Seqoiya and Cyprus Bark. What might this imply about the origin of such coal and is such an unusual mix common in North American Lignites
The 'Amber' fields in Poland sometimes contain enclosed corals. Is such an unusual mixture found in other Amber deposits around the world and how was this mixture formed?

Since Genesis states that all plants were for eating in the beginning where do poisonous plants come from? Could it be that the in built controls to force animals to move on by the plant producing bitter compounds have somehow got out of control?

Malthus’ proposition about animals always exceeding the number that could possibly be supported by the environment therefore overcrowding being a driving force which Darwin picked on and used in his Natural Selection argument, implies that Natural Selection is indeed natural and necessary, hence many Christians go with the concept that God invented carnivores to keep the natural scene balanced so there wouldn’t be too many herbivores eating everything out so that everybody would die. In a totally vegetarian world what balances and checks would have performed the same function without utilising deadly mechanisms?