Beware of truth deniers - Watch out for climate liars - Don’t be caught by people excusing their gay old time ... or by green deception. These are usually linked by one key philosophy ... God is out – man is in – creation is nonsense – evolution is fact – and God’s word in the Bible is fiction. Sadly many of our leading politicians fit one or more of the above categories.

Popular columnist Andrew Bolt continues to warn that the high price of promoting lies as truth is the loss of freedom to speak the truth. Liars in power cannot possibly allow any public expression that contradicts or exposes accepted policy! Bolt argues his job is at stake, but then so is our freedom to educate and raise children as Christians. It’s not new but it is true. It has happened throughout history almost every time anti-Christians have gained power. To adapt what one anti-establishment academic said nearly 300 years ago, “It’s dangerous to be right when the powers that be are wrong”.

So those of you who are Christians here in Australia, be very prayerful and careful about the election next Saturday. The wages of sin are so high that national economies are destroyed by politics based on fictional histories of climate, sex, or God’s role in creation.


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