Up till now Canadians have claimed the world’s ‘oldest’ fossil thorny land plant found in Devonian rocks in Quebec (left image). Its sawtoothed appearance has been very aptly named Sawdonia. Now check the right hand pic for what John Mackay found in ‘Ordovician’ Limestone in Tennessee, buried with fossil sea shells, corals and other marine fossils. Using text book dates it beats the Canadians by being found in rocks ‘claimed to be 100 million years older!’ Yes, John has both specimens..

But don’t miss the real point! ... given what God  tells us about thorns being part of the penalty for sin, all rocks with fossil thorns formed only after ADAM sinned ... not 450 millions of years ago at all. God’s Word the Bible, is not just a spiritual history of spiritual sin, spiritual death and salvation, but the actual history of real sin, physical death and actual  thorns,  which is why Jesus physically died with physical thorns on head.

Wake up theistic evolutionists who want to believe God used evolution, yet Jesus is the can’t have it both ways !

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