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Responses to our strata machine experiments range from "Frankly amazing!" (Professor Andy McIntosh), to "You need to 'expletive' your 'expletive' mouth on your 'expletive' stupid anti-scientific experiments". We have stated many times, the key fallacy in reading millions of years from rock layers is the belief that the bottom layer got there first, so any creatures found in that layer lived and died long before the ones in the top, therefore any differences in the creatures are due to millions of years of evolution. The simple observation recorded below, that rock layers form sideways, demolishes the whole basis of evolution, so don't expect our experiments to be all that popular, but they are key to demolishing theistic and atheistic evolution. Enjoy this update and get behind these experiments with your prayers and support.

God's Word tells us to: "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21) This applies to all areas of life ..morality, politics, science, etc. So it's one thing to use our strata machine to mimic layer formation in the rocks, but is there a way to prove this is exactly how rock layers form? This new series of experiments is designed to answer that! Enjoy the results below from the tests I organised 1/10/18 at Jurassic Ark. Also be thankful for the often ignored pioneer works of Johannes Walther 1893 and French Sedimentologist Guy Berthault.
In Him Who made all things well, John Mackay

Report 3 how rock form

WHAT DID WE DO? We took an already existing finely layered sedimentary rock, crushed it, then ran it through our strata machine to see if we could 'put it back together again'.
We discovered a suitable fine layered (laminated) rock just below a minor coal seam in Jurassic Rocks of the Myrtle Creek Formation at Jurassic Ark.

In this excavation (left 1) just under the 2 to 3cm thick dark coal band, there are a series of highly laminated strata – mostly dull white clay alternating with black carbon rich layers... zebra rock appearance. No cementing had occurred, so it is very soft and breaks up quickly upon exposure to air, sun and water.

From there:

1 ) we collected rock specimens (left 2).

2) we crushed the specimens (below 3).

3) we sieved to remove all coarse uncrushed rock (below 4).

4) we placed the crushed material into our strata machine tub with water, turned on a constant water flow through the venturi pump, and watched. Clem Grieger signs trial three (below 5) and Daryl Brenton shovels crushed rock for sieving.

Report 3 crushingJM


The strata grew rapidly and horizontally, so within 20 minutes, a bed of parallel layers occupied much of the length of the machine (left 6). Then our venturi pump got blocked with course pieces of clay, followed by some very burpy stops and starts for about 3 minutes. Sedimentation essentially stopped, but when the blockage was manually released, a new cross bedded sequence began to form and rapidly transgressed the lower horizontal bedding. We continued the experiment for another 10 minutes. At that point we stopped our machine and analysed the horizontal laminae (left 6) that occurred in the first 20 minutes.

Closeups of the horizontal sequence are shown (left 7). Notice that the coaly black material and the white clay has again become the laminated sequence we started with prior to crushing. The second close up shown (left 8) was from 25 cms further along the machine and shows similar clay/coal laminae.

In our estimation we have confirmed that our strata machine, not only mimics layering processes in sedimentary rock formation, but can reconstitute pre-existing uncemented strata from original components very rapidly (20 minutes), because strata formation is not time based but process based. These results totally demolish the millions of years in geology text books. We show (below 9, 10, 11) a comparison with the original laminated rock.

Report 3 original rock1
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