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Looking to mosquitoes for a way to develop painless microneedles

A mosquito can insert a needle-like probe into your skin and draw blood for several minutes without you even noticing.  Researchers at The Ohio State University believe we can learn from nature's design of the mosquito to create a painless microneedle for medical purposes…We can use what we have learned from mosquitoes as a starting point to create a better microneedle…They identified four keys to how the insects pierce us without pain: use of a numbing agent; a serrated design to the "needle"; vibration during the piercing; and a combination of soft and hard parts on the proboscis.  We can incorporate all of these elements into a microneedle design,..Bhushan has long used nature as a guide to creating better products, including high-tech surfaces inspired by butterfly wings…"We used our engineering background to characterize the parts of the mosquito to figure out how they may contribute to painless piercing,.. "We have the materials and knowledge to create a microneedle like this," Bhushan said.

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