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Joseph Hubbard is a speaker, writer, and researcher for Creation Research, mainly based in the UK. He has been working with Creation Research since 2014, but has been involved in ministry since the second half of the 2000’s. In 2012, he founded the Genesis Museum of Creation Research, which was to become Creation Research’s first UK museum. He remains as the curator and director of the museum today, where his new finds and research is continually added to the displays.
Joseph has been collecting fossils since the age of six, a passion which has continued throughout his life. His research finds are often reported on in CR’s ‘Evidence News’, and often on Facebook and Instagram. He is currently completing a degree in geology, specialising in palaeobiology, and has completed specialist courses and diplomas in genetics, dinosaurian palaeontology, Biblical archaeology, and British archaeology, mycology, and zoology. His work in zoology has led him to work in the animal care industry as a zookeeper for 6 years. As of 2018, he is completing a diploma in zookeeping with BIAZA and Sparsholt University Centre.

Joseph has spoken in many conferences and churches around the UK, having accompanied CR international director John Mackay many times. He co-presented a research paper on stalagmite formation at the 2017 Mega conference, run by AiG, has spoken with CR speakers at Bracknell College, and many churches and groups all over the country. Joseph regularly leads field trips around the UK, taking all ages, from children, to university professors. He has also contributed to the ‘Ask John Mackay’ website. In 2018, he accompanied John Mackay around Australia for 3 months, speaking at churches, conferences, schools, and home school meetings. In was one of the featured presenters at the 2018 Jurassic Ark Open Day, along with Joe Taylor, Diane Eager, and John Mackay.

Joseph is unashamedly Christian, and has a passion, not only to provide evidence of God’s role as Creator and Judge, but also as mankind’s Saviour. He takes an active role in his home church (Servant’s Church Norwich), where he is the pastors’ go-to man for dealing with issues in Genesis, creation, and science.  

Joseph’s Websites:

Creation Research

Creation Research UK

Genesis Museum of Creation Research

Indiana Joe Blog

Some of Joseph’s recorded interviews, presentations, and debates are below:
Presentation of Noah’s Flood, and Fossils with John Mackay………Click Here (Joseph start time: 21:12).

Interviews by Global Vision TV, with Joseph answering questions on fossils and dinosaurs………Click Here

Debate with Dr. Patrick Richmond in a UK Anglican magazine “Evolution or Creation” (pgs. 13&14)………Click Here

Debates: Joseph has been involved in three debates, organising and chairing two, and participating in one. The first was between John Mackay (Creation Research), and Dr Patrick Richmond (Faraday Institute) in 2014. Joseph organised and hosted the debate, which was was filmed, and is available from Creation Research (Click Here). The second was between John Mackay and Professor John Turner (University of East Anglia) in 2016, which was also filmed and is available to watch Here. The last debate was hosted by the Diocese of Norwich’s magazine in 2015, and was a re-match between Joseph and Dr Patrick Richmond, and can be accessed Here.

Presentations: Joseph has been heavily involved in ministry for several years and has been with Creation Research since 2014. In this time, Joseph has spoken around the UK. He began in his home county of Norfolk, UK, where he spoke at several events, before joining John Mackay in 2014 to help lead a series of events and debates in Norfolk. After that, Joseph travelled with John for two weeks in 2016, around the country, which included speaking at a seminar at Bracknell College. In September, he spent 10 days doing ministry in Somerset, and spoke at a youth conference in York in late 2016. He travelled with Creation Research for over a month in 2017, speaking at over 20 venues, including sharing a main lecture and giving a presentation on dinosaurs to some 200 children at the 2017 UK Mega Conference, in Birmingham hosted by Answers in Genesis UK. On an academic basis, Joseph has presented papers on the importance of Native Species work within Zoos in the UK at two separate conferences, and spoken on Native Species rehabilitation for the ICZ.

Writing: Joseph has been writing on subjects such as creation/evolution, Noah’s flood, Biblical issues, general science, and archaeology since 2012. His report on Roman Britain won him a private course at Norwich Museum in 2013. He has contributed many articles to Creation Research’s ‘Teen’s Page’, covering topics from virus’ to fossils Click Here. He has also tackled controversial topics, such as gay marriage and governments in the ‘Ask John Mackay’ site Click Here. In 2018 he reported on research on fungal decay on dead fish, showing how they had to be buried rapidly Click Here. He co-authored with Dr Diane Eager a rebuttal on Dennis Alexander, ahead of his visit to Australia in 2018 Click Here. He has also participated in writing on local natural history, including several articles for the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists Society’s journal ‘Transactions’, and is on the Publications Committee of the NNNS council Click Here

Field Trips and Courses: Since joining Creation Research, Joseph has led multiple field trips around the UK. Some locations where he has led, or co-led field trips include: Hunstanton, West Runton, Lilstock, Kilve, Lyme Regis, Whitby, Aust Cliff, and Harpur Hill. Joseph has also led and co-led home-educator days, and youth group trips. His work with the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists Society, and the Norfolk Fungus Study Group, means he has led numerous public survey days, as well as leading and co-leading four fungus identification courses. In 2018, he lead several field trips around Australia with John Mackay and Creation Research.

Academia and Research: Joseph was home educated all his life and has never been to any public or private school. This allowed him to excel in maths and science, which enabled him to enter university at the age of 16. He is completing his degree in Natural Science, majoring in Palaeobiology (Open University, with links to the University of East Anglia). He has also completed/completing courses and diplomas in genetics (Open University), Dinosaurian Palaeontology (University of Alberta), Biblical Archaeology (Digging Up the Past Institute), and British Archaeology (Norfolk Archaeological Trust with Sedgeford Saxon Dig),and zoology (BIAZA & Sparsholt University Centre). His work with the Universities and Creation Research meant he has travelled widely around the UK performing digs and research. Some locations he has spent several weeks at performing research include: Hunstanton (which is the subject of his dissertation) West Runton and the Norfolk Coast, Walton-on-the-Naze and surrounding areas, the Kent coast, the Jurassic Coast in Dorset (emphasising on the Eype-Monmouth region), the Isle of Wight (the whole coast, emphasising on the Weldan Flood Deposits), North Devon coast, Whitby and surrounding areas, South Wales coast, North Wales Snowdonia region, and Derbyshire. He has assisted Creation Research in various projects while over in Australia. These include working on a large fossil diprotodont Skull, working along side John Mackay and Clem Greiger on strata-flume experiments, and working on dinosaur bone identification. In September 2018, he discovered the first example of fossil thorns in Australia from the Carboniferous strata around Newcastle, NSW.

Publications: Joseph’s report on the rare fungus ‘Oak Polypore’ (Buglossoporus pulvinus) was published in the journal ‘Field Mycology’, his paper on the rare fungus Agaricus genardii was published in the fungus report of the journal ‘Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalist’s Scoiety’, and the upcoming paper on the Natural History of the Weston estate will be published in late 2018. He has led countless fungus surveys around East Anglia with the Norfolk Fungus Study Group, and is an active member of the council of the NNNS. He is currently working on a paper to be submitted to the ABWAK journal “RATEL” on native species recording and conservation within zoological collections in the UK.

Professional Work: His work with natural history surveys led Joseph to a job with the small zoo (labelled the Secret Animal Garden) in the Norfolk attraction ‘Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure’. His role as a zookeeper there involved dealing with many exotic animals, including handling those of a dangerous nature (he has been hospitalised twice!). This has given him major experience in the animal keeping industry, which has helped him with his natural history surveys. He also is a member of the presentation team, conducting public sessions, teaching, and presenting animal encounters. He also presents the popular ‘Deer safari’, taking public out to see the herds of deer which are managed by the park. In 2017, he was appointed the role of Native Species Conservation Officer, and Dinosaur information consultant at the Secret Animal Garden for Dinosaur Adventure. He is active within the zookeeper community and is working towards better relationships with between academic wildlife recorders and zoos. Joseph has also worked with the Norfolk Archaeological Trust in the past.

Museum Display: In 2012, after a two-week field trip to the Dorset coast, and inspired by Dr John Matthews, Joseph and his family founded the Genesis Museum of Creation, in Norfolk. Starting out as a couple of shelves, the collection grew into a whole room. The Museum was officially opened by Steve Ham of Answers in Genesis USA in 2013. A complete revamp in 2016, lead the museum to be fully used, and the name soon changed to the Genesis Museum of Creation Research, making it the first Creation Research Museum in the UK. This then moved on to become part of the Creation Research UK Museum Project, which includes projects in Norfolk and Wales. The Museum has had many visitors, and has been recommended by several major organisations, including Creation Research, Answers in Genesis UK, Answers in Genesis USA, Biblical Creation Trust, and Creation Resources Trust. The GMCR is now managed by Creation Research UK (the UK branch of Creation Research), where Joseph works as the Director of the Museum.

Topics for Talks
Joseph’s passion for not only science, but also Christ has led him to create several unique presentations. While Joseph covers a whole range of topics, below are some of his most popular with a brief explanation of each.  

Design in the Natural World. In this presentation, Joseph uses his unique knowledge and experience of animals, plants and fungi to ask the question, ‘How would you recognise design, and does it need a designer?’

Fossil Evidence From the UK for Noah’s Flood. No one presentation of this talk is the same, as it is constantly being updated as new locations are visited, and new evidence discovered.

Dinosaurs! An ever-popular topic, Joseph uses his experience on the field to answer questions like, ‘What are dinosaurs? What evidence is there that they were created? What evidence is there that they were buried in Noah’s flood? And what actually happened to the dinosaurs?’

Not Time – Process! A look at the evidence that time has nothing to do with making rocks and fossils, what you need is a process! With brand new research added to the presentation all the time, this is an excellent presentation for skeptics of the Biblical history of the world.

Adam Not Ape. A critique of Theistic Evolution. Drawing from his own experience with theistic evolutionists, such as the debate between himself and Dr Patrick Richmond, and conversations with Dr Dennis Alexander, Joseph shows that evolution does not fit in the Bible at all, and to try to do so is to corrupt God’s Word. Controversial, but engaging!

Creation to the Cross. A sermon, perfect for Sunday, where we look at the full picture of Christianity. Focusing on the books of Genesis and John, we take you for a walk through creation, the fall, and the redemption of mankind through Jesus Christ. It’s all about connecting the dots!

Who Jesus Is? First presented at his home church in the UK, this sermon, answers the question of who Jesus is, and why we need Him. Focusing on John 14, and using insight from Genesis, Isaiah, Exodus and Revelation, this sermon shows that Jesus is indeed the only way to God!

Joseph is also a teacher at the Norfolk Postal Bible School.

Where to see Joseph’s Work:

Creation Research General Information………Click Here

Presentation of Noah’s Flood, and Fossils with John Mackay (Joseph start time 21:12)………Click Here

Interviews by Global Vision TV, with Joseph answering questions on fossils and dinosaurs………Click Here

Debate with Dr. Patrick Richmond in a UK Anglican magazine “Evolution or Creation”………Click Here

Articles on the Creation Research’s Teen’s Page………Click Here

See Creation Newsletter and Evidence News, often features Joseph’s finds………Click Here

Article on gay marriage and governments on the ‘Ask John Mackay’ site………Click Here

Follow Joseph on Facebook @Josephhubbard and on Instagram @joethemushroomman

Museum Information:

Genesis Museum of Creation Research………Click Here

Creation Research UK Museum Project………Click Here


On Joseph Hubbard’s Ministry:

“Wow! What a whirlwind of inspiration and knowledge wrapped up in this young man of God – Joseph Hubbard! North Devon Home Educators had the privilege of spending a few days whilst he gave his time to teach both parents and children alike about Creation, The Flood and Apologetic's through his extensive and impressive knowledge of fossils. I can’t thank him enough for his time – making the subject accessible, easy and fun to learn. All ages from 4 to adult were truly blessed and inspired. He held us all captivated and even though I have personally read a lot on the subject myself, I still learnt even more and it was wonderful to get hand’s on experience through his field trip. We had a wonderful day at Kilve Beach, near Bridgwater which was rich in fossils and history. Being able to teach the children history, geography, maths and science from a biblical perspective was unique, refreshing and uplifting for all. I personally can’t wait until next year and I know many others will be looking forward to seeing Joseph again – bless you and all the work done by so many within Creation Research.  - Mrs H Gissing, Founder of North Devon Home-educators.

On the Genesis Museum of Creation Research:
“Thank you for honouring God in this Museum!” – Steve Ham, AiG USA.
“Fantastic, keep up the good work!” – Paul Garner, Biblical Creation Trust UK.
“Amazing, I learnt a lot! Thank you Joseph!” – Mrs. K Pointing, Norwich, UK visitor.
“Brilliant hands-on experience!” – Mr. M Jones, London, UK visitor.
“Fascinating! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, which you present so well in the museum!” – Mrs. A Kwambana, Norwich, UK visitor.


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