Queensland’s top Universities and other academic institutions have pleasingly been blasted by media for penalising students using words such as “mother”, “mankind”, “husband” and “wife” as they attempt to drive all distinctions of sex from the mindset and language of this generation. Public backlash ranges from educators complaining of “word police”, to liberals concerned about discrimination, plus full Letters to the Editor pages from the public. Even secular columnists have touted what we need is students who not only object and refuse to do this, but fight back, and blatantly asking donors to cancel giving.

We add our small voice to that, and urge any of our supporters of these academic institutions, to use the Australian June end of financial year appeals stating they’re cancelling donations until the university not only tows the line of God-given common sense, but recognises that a de-gendered language is a useless language. One where unusable words drop your communicating ability to just above the level of those whose only verbs, adjectives and adverbs are the ‘f’ bomb.


There’s a reason why John’s gospel begins “In the beginning was the Word” – even words were invented! Language is not something we evolved! The first language was created by the one who is The Word ... Jesus Christ!  Most have never considered it needs a minimum of two people who not only can speak, but both possess minds designed to understand meaningful sounds presented from another person, then store, analyse, frame a reply, and vocalise a return with a pre-understood set of sounds. The theory of evolution, which has led to this nonsense, and to the ungodly rejection of all truth, has to be stood on its head as well.

So challenge to students – Christian students and lecturers – be bold – tell offensive lecturers you will not obey. Christian donors – are you brave enough to tell universities you are not giving this year? Great opportunity – waste neither it, nor your words!

By the Creation Guy, John Mackay, and global team!

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