GAYDOM - A STRONG DELUSION  “There are certain foundational truths that men build their lives and nations upon, and how great is the fall of them when those truths are replaced by lies. We are living at such a time. This  article is a tough prophetic reminder of what happens in the tidal affairs of human history whenever fakes replace facts and foolishness reigns, and where choosing principle over politics is an increasingly tough and costly choice. We are truly needing those who will so choose.
John Mackay December 2017.

He has also informed us what the results will be, morally, mentally and socially. Man was created as a morally and physically God-dependent being, and when we try the moral independence route, the whole of nature is programmed to begin in us that which is self-destructive. It is impossible to avoid. It’s a built-in step number one,  that commences the wrath of God in judgement upon us, both individually and culturally. That is without throwing a very real Devil and his demons into the mix. This is why the Creator also warns us about one more certain step He decided on long ago in judgement on His rebelling creation. As the Biblical Author Paul wrote,  God will for that reason “... send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12). Yes very real demons will be allowed by a Sovereign Creator to have free reign over men’s hearts and minds, and we will commence thinking the pleasures of child sex, animal sex, euthanasia, suicide and child culling (infanticide) all make sense, with the same consequence history has always observed ... society falls apart around us.

There’s no denying this is already starting to happen on the Aussie scene, in the UK and throughout the western world. Downunder GAYS are deliciously gay-ful over government-approved same-sex marriage legislation, despite  the devastation already brought about in families and marriages by the promotion of homosexuality. Within a week of the glee that GAYS and politicians shared in pro-gay “progress”, front page headlines downunder began talking about “mature adults who grew up not knowing they were gay, and when discovering this, they divorced their previous marriage partners to live with a lesbian partner ..., and how sad that such partners have now died”.

The army is also headline news as leaders move to publicly employ prostitutes for ‘servicing’ men at the front lines. The wives of married men have not been asked if they approve or not! But to avoid discrimination charges, does this mean the army will be forced to employ homosexual prostitutes for the boys, lesbians for women, plus gigolos for the heterosexual women and bisexual recruits?

This picture is grimly foolish and devastating for any nation. Scout leaders have been ordered to avoid referring to Scouts as boys or girls in case transgenders are offended. A British schoolteacher has been suspended after saying “well done girls” to a class of girls because one of the students wants to be identified as a boy. The Swedish Lutheran Church is changing its Liturgy and added a gender-free identity-free introduction to their services: “In the name of God and the Holy Trinity”, instead of ‘God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

You ask: how has it come to this? Theistic evolutionists must bear the brunt of blame for any western nation that has abandoned its original Christianised basis in law. They have been telling the church and society at large that the very part of the Bible that tells of God’s power and His source of authority to make laws and pass judgement, i.e. Genesis, is not about the real history of a real world. So don’t be surprised that God’s enemies have seized on that to reject God’s laws and deny His authority to tell mankind how to behave. The church has largely been rendered morally incapable of resisting! God’s enemies are not stupid. They know that if God did not create male and female as described in Genesis, and defined marriage then and there, then such a God has no authority over sexual behaviour, and Christians have no basis for teaching that He has.

Such spiritual leaders have betrayed the church as their theological colleges and seminaries throughout the land have believed the lie of evolution, accepted and taught the deceit of millions of years, while abandoning God’s truth of six-day creation, along with a real Adam and Eve who were separate and unique creations with no evolving connection to animals. In so doing such Theologians and Clergy have taught the nations to not trust God’s Word on marriage, divorce and sex, family and truth. God’s Word informs us that “… the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” (1 Peter 4:17 KJV) ‘Oh Lord, bring that judgement soon, so men and women in the church and without may see your power and fear enough to seek your mercy in salvation.’

For there is an even more presequential fact you don’t need the gift of prophecy to figure. We have already been told by Jesus Christ what the causal connect is between His beginning and our now. He stated; “… if they hated Him they would  hate us also. If they persecuted Him, they were sure to persecute us, and if they sought to kill Him and remove Him they would seek to bring death to His followers as well.” (John 15:18-25) Chaplains in both schools and army who are already on a leash, will be fully forbidden to tell truth. Churches and Christian schools will be banned from teaching correct doctrine and Christian living according to the Word of God under pain of death.

What can each of us do? What God’s people have always been ordered to do! Keep preaching the whole council of God from Genesis to Revelation; that there is salvation in no other name except Jesus, and keep supporting those of us in the very visible front line of this battle who are doing precisely that! For the same Lord who created the heavens and the earth, became Christ the Redeemer who ascended into heaven, is truly coming back again as judge of all the earth. You and I need to proclaim that this Jesus is the only name given under heaven whereby we may be saved. In addition, choose now to love your enemies, as it will be very hard to make that choice when you’re in the midst of persecution. Don’t forget to target your prayers for corrupting theistic evolutionist church leaders and theologians who preach old earth evolutionism instead of God’s Word, that they might repent and humble themselves for the evil they are spreading.

PRESEQUENTIAL? (pronounce it prezi -kwen-shul). You have never heard that word? Don’t be surprised. I coined it for this report and for and a new book we are hoping to release in 2018 labelled ‘You can know God!’ The word presequential is made from the Latin root word ‘pre’ which means to go before, joined to the word ‘sequential’ which refers to a series of events which follow one another. But in the case of presequential events, each event is a necessary consequence of an original event, where even the final event is logically built into the first one - i.e. the end is built into the beginning, and each step determines the options available for the next choice.  As far as we can find pre-sequential exists in one medical report referring to a medical procedure you need to have before you can move to the next surgery,  but not in the way we are defining it. Hope that is helpful.



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