Almost a decade ago Craig Hawkins and John Mackay met in Tasmania to discuss the possibility of a Creation Museum. Craig has been our Creation Research Tassie rep for a long time. He has a master's degree in science and is very convinced evolution is nonsense, and he is committed to sharing with everyone there is a God who created, who also came down as the man Jesus to become our Saviour, and He will return as Judge!

Now a building has become available, rent free for the next few years and we can move ahead with displays to illustrate the truth of Genesis from Creation, through the fall to the flood.
The generic plan is to get displays ready for a trial run in September, followed by the real deal, as tourist season in Tasmania takes hold in October.

The development committee for the Creation Discovery Centre recently met John at Beauty Point to discuss stage one becoming a joint project reality with Creation Research.

Tassie Museum PICS

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