AUSSIE CREATION MUSEUM PROJECT - Click Fabulous Trilobite Specimens. Click for Fabulous Museum acquisitions

To give to this project click country nearest you Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Secure Web Give or mail gifts to Creation Research centre nearest you click Contact. Tax deductible donations available in U.S.A. and the UK.

OUR AIM: “That they may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the LORD has done this, and the Holy One of Israel has created." Is. 41:20
Students cannot afford to visit Creation Museums around the globe. Our web museum will take the evidence to them that God's Word is true from the beginning (Psalm 119:160). Our storage shelves are bulging with proofs of Creation. Your support will get it out. It's expensive, but nowhere near the cost of static museums with multimillion dollar buildings. The Lord's people worldwide are afflicted by lack of confidence in Genesis 1 -11. The need is compelling. Pray about helping now, so the Facts for the Faith can be at eveyone’s fingertips. View great new results of this year's fossil research that students around the world can see with your help click HERE
CHILDREN'S MUSEUM will be free. It will be a walk through the Bible with exciting Fact, Faith and Fun evidence along with Dinosaur games and video clips etc.
STUDENT E-MUSE will be free, and will include a great Q/A service on all the evidence against evolution and for creation and Creator. Its strength will be a complete exposure of everything evolutionist in school and college texts, along with creation evidence, fossils in 3D, the Ark, the Flood etc., it will include a walk through the Bible Genesis 1-11 to introducing the Creator Christ.
PUBLIC MUSEUM will be pay as you go. It will visually display the latest evidence as per our Enews. Entry will be by affordable membership subscription to help cover costs. It will include fossils, videos, evidence on geology, history, etc. all from a Christian creation perspective.
MUSEUM WEB SHOP will support the museum via sale of fossils.
SETUP COSTS stage 1: Children and student sections open to public in 2007. Includes 2 years labour of web expert, plus our HQ ministry staff support to dedicate to this project: $100,000.
Annual maintenance of web: $5,000 per year.
First year promotion to schools and churches: $20,000.
Public Museum section to open late 2007 or 2008: $50,000.
THE IDEAL - To free our director, John Mackay, to work with the web expert. This would mean taking at least six months off ministry. We have deliberately left ministry slots open for this time in anticipation that this might be possible.
See fantastic 3D fossil images click WEB MUSEUM.

Join us with your gifts now click country nearest you Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA, Secure Web Give or mail gifts to Creation Research centre nearest you click Contact.


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