UK Artist Philip Snow did a spectacular job on the mural we have now erected at our Jurassic Ark Gympie site, shown with our builder Fred Dainty (April 2013) , and with great close ups of beautiful detail below.

Philip's mural is about Day 5 - the Creation of swimming and flying creatures, Pterodactyls and Pliosaurs, as well as whales, doves and swans. Philip is the author of a book on evidence for Creation of birds and is a professional artist who lives in Wales. More details and to contact Phillip see bottom of page. Any artist wanting to join this mural project contact

In addition, he now both writes and illustrates his own books, like the celebrated 'Light & Flight – Hebridean Wildlife & Landscape Sketchbook'; the challenging Biblical Creationist 'Design & Origin of Birds'; or one of his latest, 'Tall Tales from an Estuary', documenting the busy everyday and internationally important migratory life of Malltraeth Estuary on Anglesey, North Wales, where Philip lives and works. He also gives lavishly illustrated talks on Creationism etc, with the North Wales Biblical Creation Society. Websites & Links include: ,
ann squires1

Which is a polite English way of saying what we suspect he hoped few would notice: (a) there is a huge number of them which is increasing daily and (b) they have not evolved!

Ann's mural not only shows this concept with paintings of living and fossil forms, but the specimens she has used were supplied from down under and are mostly Aussie Living fossils present day. See more of Ann’s art on 


LIVING FOSSIL MURALadded to our Aussie Creation Museum Jurassic Ark project at Gympie as UK artist Ann Squires (above) does a fabulous painting to illustrate Darwin's bug bear – living fossils. The term "living fossil" was invented by Charles Darwin and used in 'The Origin of Species' where he wrote; "These anomalous forms may be called living fossils; they have endured to the present day. (Darwin Origin of the Species Chapter 4)

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MURAL Living Fossil
THE BEAUTIFUL PRE FLOOD MURAL by Ann Squires (UK) is designed to show the transition from the magnificence of God's created handiwork, with the giant trees on the right hand side now represented in the present only by midgets. Likewise the progression of dragonflies seen across the picture from big to little, as well as the spreading of thorns on roses. It's a brilliant symbolic picture of the progression of real history, i.e. degeneration or devolution - not evolution. Keep praying for the artists who provide us with murals for our 200m mural project to show the whole of Biblical history. Then come visit and enjoy a great day out at Jurassic Ark. MURAL PLANTS ANN1
One of our regular English Artist supporters Ann Squires, has put together this great DINOSUAR MURAL to go alongside our new trackway exhibit. Can you spot the ducks and the crane? Since the discovery of very recognisable bird skeletons in Dinosaur deposits, the old story of Dinosaurs growing feathers and turning into birds, has been exposed as even more rubbish. In Australia we also now have fossil crane footprints in Victorian Dinosaur rock layers, and even the popular Scientific American back in 2010 reported on the discovery of Dino-ducky – Vegavis. We have one remaining youth group camp for this year at Creation Museum Downunder - Jurassic Ark. Pray as students see these great murals and all our other exhibits.   MURAL Jurassic
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