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IT'S REAL GOLD that we showed to our Castlemaine field trippers this year. The Castlemaine, Victoria area is  famous as an historic gold site and pictured (right) is some  recently found gold. But we were after better than gold –   the evidence that God created the world, and the world  was destroyed by Noah's flood.

Several groups of High School students have visited sites with us during 2011 and pictured below is a group of grade 11 & 12 students as they ponder how a 10 metre exposure of sedimentary beds formed. They were trying to answer,  how long these rock layers took to form, and on average  how such rock formed each year
  They found it very helpful when our local gold miner guide told them that this feature was actually a man made sedimentary bed, formed as the sediments were washed out of the old gold crushing plants and the 10 metres took  50 years to be deposited. So how much sediment formed  each year? The maths was simple, they just divided 10  metres by 50 years to find that approximately 20cm a year  formed. The students were amazed when they saw the  portion covered by the hand span (right) proved to have  formed in less than one year, and averaged 20 to 50  sedimentary layers. The local mining guide explained – in  those days they worked 6 days and rested one so the  breaks in the beds probably represent Sunday, their day  off. Surprisingly these semi-consolidated beds showed all  the features of sediments such as those in the Grand  Canyon.
But when you apply this 20cm per year rate, to sedimentary structures such as the Grand Canyon fossil  layers – the whole fossil bearing portion of the Grand  Canyon, around ½ kilometre thick, required no more than  2500 years to form. The point to be made is not that we  have proved that the rocks in the Grand Canyon took 2500  years, instead of more than 250 million – but the time  strata takes to form depends on the process and not vice  versa.
In today's society, people make time the hero of the plot and most think given long enough rocks will form. But time doesn't make rocks - process does! And the type of process determines how long the rock structure actually takes to form.


EVEN A BLIND MAN COULD. Home Schoolers in South Australia had a great field trip as we took them to Hallett's Cove to investigate the rocks and fossils of the area and
look for evidence of creation, Noah's flood and a recent Earth.
Surprisingly, our group organiser, Joseph Stephen, is totally blind and has been since 2 years of age. Joseph is a computer programmer and develops programs for blind people – but he sees through his fingers. When Joseph asked to be shown the fossils, we placed his hand on them asked him what they were. Joseph quickly replied "This is some kind of shell." When asked how he knew that – he replied, "I have felt shells before."
Joseph was 100% right and it just went to prove that his Pelecypod Shell does not provide any help for the theory of evolution, but does provide overwhelming evidence that creatures do actually behave as God said they would when they were first created – "After their own kind." Pelecypod are still here and they still look like the one Joseph found.

GREAT FOSSIL FINDS. Local Castlemaine guide Bob Willmer (above left) got the award for finding the best fossil of the day on our grade 11 & 12 High School trip with his magnificent cluster of graptolites (above right). Students had a wonderful day out, and they learned much about God's creation as even the weather was a real answer to our prayer.

On Monday 16th May 2011 we sent out an urgent email to many of our supporters with a serious ministry need for our high school field trips in the Ballarat area, since the weather had been dreadful including rain, nearby snow and dreadful cold and after 5 days of this I (John Mackay) was beginning to be badly affected, so 2 days out in cold wet weather with 30 then 40 high school students, were looking increasingly like a serious health threat to someone who lost 3 months of last year with a very bad cough problem. On the Monday the family hosting me were so concerned they advised calling it all off – so we asked for much prayer.

To let you know how God answered your prayers: The weather was great - I was well - The field trips with all grades were a real blessing - It was a great witness and teaching time to students and teachers alike. So praise God and continue to uphold us in prayer for the Lord Jesus has blessed mightily. Our Lord Jesus told the truth when He stated in John 14:13-14: "whatsoever you shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it."

KINGAROY (QUEENSLAND) AUSTRALIA is not just peanuts as field trippers found some great fossils on their “Family great day out” looking for the evidence of creation and Noah's flood. Home to one of Queensland, Australia's most noted premiers, Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen, and famous for its great peanut crops, Kingaroy also provided some great fossil trees and leaves 'cast' in iron stone and looking as fresh as the day they were buried. The preservation of fine detail and well preserved edges is a sure sign they didn't lie around for ages in a swamp waiting to be buried slowly. Plants in swamps get their edges “chewed” by bugs and bacteria and soon become ragged looking.
CREATION RESEARCH GEOLOGIST, Bob Powell, leads a public high school class to see evidence in mid Tennessee rocks that prove Charles Darwin was right - fossils don't help evolution! The insert shows a fossil scallop shell identical to present day scallops, found on the trip in rocks allegedly 300 million years old, which students soon realised proved creatures "produced their own kind", i.e. creation evidence. We have been amazed at how our Field trips have been accepted by schools world wide largely due to the behind the scenes research our team does to make sure Creation Research facts can't be challenged by evolutionists - and they really try. Will you help us reach more schools?
CLAMMED UP CANADA, but that's how we want to find them. Yvonne Vanstemp (right) was one excited lady when she found the first ever closed clam at our Craigleith site mixed with Trilobite remains, horizontal and vertical Lingula shells (below Yvonne) and Crinoid stems. In case you missed the significance: a closed clam indicates it was buried alive. To find it horizontal means it wasn't in living position. Horizontal Lingulas show the same. Crinoids mixed with Lingulas tells you deep and shallow sea creatures are all mixed together. This is a definite catastrophic flood dump deposit. Yvonne had every right to be excited and so were we.
None of this evidence helps the evolutionary picture. Clams are still here, Lingula are still here and Crinoids are still here. Trilobites are extinct. Even if you believed those rocks were nearly 400 million years old, at best you could prove Lingula etc, have produced their own kind. Your support is vital to our continuing research world wide.

(right) not only had a great field trip, she also found the best trilobite (insert). It was 3 dimensional, which meant it had been buried alive, and the rocks it was in had been deposited quickly. Trilobites are wonderful evidence life never began as simple organisms.

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FIELD TRIPS ATTRACT GOOD PRESS in Australia and overseas. We were pleasantly surprised on our packed Toowoomba field trip, that the Toowoomba Chronicle sent a photographer and interviewer, then phoned later to get the details right, and then printed an accurate report. They were intrigued that people go out to dig up evidence of creation and Noah's flood in this Evolutionary world. The same was true in Glendive, Montana USA, where we found our Triceratops. Two reporters spent many hours on site, fascinated by the dig as well by the aim of providing evidence for creation and Noah's flood. It hit front page in Montana. Pray as these secular press releases are not only good PR, they extend the breadth of the ministry to people far beyond those we would normally contact. roman-lead-mine-uk
KIWI GIANT FOSSIL OYSTER FOUND ON New Zealand Field Trip to Huntly coal mines south of Auckland as student Jonathan Montieth excavated a huge fossil, which not only impressed everyone on the trip but added to the evidence creatures have not evolved, but have actually gone down hill since creation. This was a great illustration of our theme for the evening public meeting (after the Field trip) in the nearby Presbyterian Church at Matamata during September. giant-oyster-nz-4

This large group made for a staggering field trip to South Australia's famous Halletts Cove. The group can be seen just below a famous "unconformity" where some "320" million years of evolutionary history is missing! Thanks to geologists such as Dr Mark Hochman and others who helped organise this unbelievably popular Creation Research Field Trip.

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CREATION RESEARCH NZ MUSEUM EXPANDS as a field trip to New Zealand's extreme South Island coast, produced abundant fossils, some of which are now headed for our Auckland museum. Arthur Reid (Auckland office) is in the process of making sure the Creation Research museum can visit more churches and schools. The evidence makes a real impact on university students, high schoolers and churches. Pray the Lord will really bless our new Creation Research helper, (and Kiwi geologist) Mark Simpson as he works behind the scenes towards new displays.

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