Visits to the Jurassic Ark Outdoor Museum are by organised field trips accompanied by a member of Creation Research.

If you wish to go to Museum the:

1: Watch for public field trips advertised on our HOME PAGE or 2: Let us know by email or phone your needs and if staff are available we will see what we can do to help. Yes we do wish we had more staff to make this site more available.

Around 200 people joined us to enjoy and celebrate the reopening of Australia's only outdoor creation and flood museum "Jurassic Ark" after 6 months of repair to the flood damaged site near Gympie. The day before we had run a successful trial run with one of the schools in the Gympie district taking a field trip to the site. Praise God with us for this success and thanks to all whose financial help made it possible.

On display were cut and polished petrified logs from Australia, plus Jurassic dinosaur foot prints, and fossil thorns etc from our collection. We even had a large and beautifully polished slab of Southern Conifer from the Arizona fossil forest USA -“ yes you read that right - Aussie Southern confers were once worldwide and extinction is the history of the planet not evolution. Also on show was our rebuilt and now once again upright fossil Conifer tree from Queensland's Jurassic beds. Apart from eager feet tramping a few of the pansies as we walked though several hundred meters of the Adam to Australia garden, the day was a tremendous blessing.

Jurassic Dino prints on display.

A beautifully polished petrified Jurassic Ark log.

John Mackay explains Fossil flood log jam.

Resurrected Jurassic Petrified Pine

Crowd listens to Diane Eager at the Genesis 3 thorn garden.

Meet Amy who works in the office on a great day out at Gympie.

A Our long term resident Creation Research photographer John Bean.

JURASSIC GRANT RUNS OUT - HELP NEEDED as just over a year ago we got 2 encouraging grants that enabled us to fund our full time grounds keeper for the Jurassic Ark site and the improvement has been obvious as Karl has worked on the site for the last 18 months. This is a project that needs your financial help to continue to fund Karl. DONATE TO THIS PROJECT CLICK Secure Web Give  Gifts Tax deductible in UK and USA or mail to country nearest you click Contact.

Grade 8 students enjoy onsite excavation


Outdoor Museum

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