Latest UK Finds May 2016. Joseph Hubbard and John Mackay froze as Icelandic winds scoured across the UK during this last week, but the evidence for creation and the flood they found was great

New Fossil Find Folkstone UK Monday 11th April 2016. Andrew Forbes and John Mackay scoured the cliffs just west of Dover  UK. The climb down was for the centre top. The fossils were at sea level far right. Now look what came out of the
chalk and silty layers.
UK Dorset Fossils Flood Evidence Part 1 by Joseph FINDING FOSSIL FLOOD EVIDENCE IN THE UK (PART 1 Dorset Coast) A two week research trip with my family to the famous Jurassic Coast, in Dorset, UK has revealed many interesting and thought-provoking fossils.
UK Fossil Find Outside Manchester (Creation Research UK) UK FLOOD FOSSIL TREE FINDS SLIDE SHOW of 15 slides which run automatically
Our New German Flood Fossil Finds (Research Files) TEN DAYS GERMAN RESEARCH ON FLOOD FOSSILS in the original  Jura has been unbelievably beneficial. New finds of sea shells embedded in land  plants, coal with deep sea ammonites and more.




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