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Great Creation Interview on
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BBC's Mike West Interview with John Mackay 28th May 2006
Meet the man who is rapidly becoming one of the most contraversial on the planet says Mike West as he intorduces John Mackay. Please note this is quite a large MP3 file and may take a while to download. Best with Broadband internet connections.

Creationists gather to convince UK
The Church Times - 5 May 2006
John Mackay, a leading Australian Creationist, started a tour of the country this month. He will speak at schools and churches. Mr Mackay, whose visit will continue till the end of June, founded Creation Research, based in Brisbane.

Creationist visit off
Blackpool Citizen, UK - 5 May 2006
... Creation Research also issued a statement saying it was trying to shield the ... Mr Harvey, Millfield's head, confirmed: "John Mackay visited us last year as part ...

Believe it or not: The battle over certainty
A Point of View: BBC Radio 4 - 5 May 2006
This week John Mackay from Queensland Australia, a passionate advocate of Creationism, has been touring halls and chapels in the UK attacking Darwin's theory that the human race has evolved gradually from the apes over millions of years.

AUSSIE MEDIA JOINS IN as The Melbourne age reports the Crocodile Hunter of Creationism is leading the attack on Great Britain. Sydney Morning Herald followed with a full spread. The UK Guardian has given us a much more positive page after a live interview. One reader writes “Loved this quote in the UK Guardian Educational Supplement Tuesday May 2: “Talking to Mackay is a disconcerting experience”! KEN HAM has also been in the UK and reported to John Mackay "Some of the media who interviewed me also asked about you-the Telegraph thought we had planned a blitz through the country with you and us".

DR ANDY MCINTOSH AIG UK writes “I thought John came over exceptionally well and was constantly scoring confidently against Steve Jones (BBC 2). All the indications are of a gathering storm of opposition ahead.”

THE NOTABLE EXCEPTION –guess what portion of the media has ignored this UK visit? Did you guess the Christian media- So far no requests from their publications for interviews –none for most Christian /Church Radio stations. The Church in the UK –even the evangelical one long ago compromised on this issue or just let it go as irrelevant –and then they complain about church numbers dropping . The 2 factors are connected. What people to come to get saved and come to church-you have to have something positive to give them –like a bible that actually can be trusted as Gods word and can be understood by the ordinary person, and a Saviour Jesus who really did create the world and really did die and rise form the dead. Pray for us as we proclaim the whole of Gods truth to the nation and around the world. The commonest questions on this trip have been “But the Arch Bishop Says…”, and “How can you believe in six literal days and 6000 yrs?” Great opportunities.
Six-day wonder
Guardian Unlimited, UK - 1 May 2006
... of faith schools - including Islamist schools that also have strange creation traditions - it ... One such is the Australian John Mackay, who has just begun a six ...,,1765209,00.html

SKY NEWS UK Tuesday 1st May prime time 7 pm broadcast featured a heavily edited debate/interview of John Mackay vs the head of Sense in Science and Society. Editing was an obvious attempt to protect the evolutionist but it failed.
UK Guardian Educational Supplement - 1 May 2006,,1765209,00.html
Sydney Morning Herald

Alarmed head axes creation lecture
TES, UK - 27 Apr 2006
... head of Millfield high, on Lancashire’s Fylde coast, said that John Mackay’s views ... at arguing “for or against an atheistic view of the creation of the ...Creationists target schools and universities in Britain
Details,,1755769,00.html?gusrc=rss, and
Creationist on a dinkum crusade
The Age, Australia - 29 Apr 2006
An Australian geologist is inflaming the creation-versus-evolution debate in Britain. ... John Mackay, 59, is a Queensland geologist who believes the Earth to be ...
Schools minister says creationism has no place in classroom science
Ekklesia, UK - 28 Apr 2006
... And in developed Christian and Jewish thought ‘creation’ is not a theory of ... John Mackay, a US figure associated with creationism, has also been speaking in ...
Storm brews in Britain over Creationism
World Peace Herald, DC - Apr 24, 2006
By UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL. LONDON -- Australian geologist John Mackay, a well known creationist, Monday started a controversial ...
Creationism Flap Stirred In Britain
Post Chronicle - Apr 24, 2006
by UPI Wire. LONDON, April 24, 2006 (UPI) -- Australian geologist John Mackay, a well known creationist, Monday started a controversial ...
Creationism flap stirred in Britain, VA - Apr 24, 2006
Australian geologist John Mackay, a well known creationist, Monday started a controversial speaking tour of British secondary schools and universities. ...
Preacher in a storm
ic NorthWales, UK - Apr 24, 2006
By Gareth Bicknell, Daily Post. A CONTROVERSIAL Australian preacher who has been described as "extreme" is to stage a training camp ...
Creationism flap stirred in Britain
United Press International - Apr 24, 2006
LONDON, April 24 (UPI) -- Australian geologist John Mackay, a well known creationist, Monday started a controversial speaking tour of British secondary schools ...
Storm brews over preacher's training school
ic Wales, United Kingdom - Apr 23, 2006
A CONTROVERSIAL Australian preacher who followers claim is "anointed by God" is to host a week-long training camp in Wales next month. ...
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