"The rise of creationism in Britain to the point where four out of 10 Britons believe it to be the literal truth - as well as the
idea being taught in state-approved schools - has spread alarm throughout the scientific community. But this week sees the start of a concerted fight back, as an 18-month celebration of evolution and its greatest proponent, Charles Darwin, gets under way, marking the 150th anniversary of the unveiling of his theory and the 200th anniversary of his birth. People all over Europe will take part in a mass experiment to discover evolutionary changes to a species of snail; a major series of programmes is to be shown by the BBC; several books are to be published; and the Open University plans a new course on the subject. Dr Bob Bloomfield, head of special projects at the museum and a key figure in the "Darwin200" project, said he was concerned by the prevalence of creationist ideas.

"The statistics in this country are quite frightening. If you add up the percentages that either believe in creationism or
intelligent design, it is approaching 40 per cent," he said. "I don't think society can be complacent when ideas which are unsound are perpetrated. We are trying not to compromise people's faith views, other than where they are absolutely inconsistent with science."

ED.COM. It's great to be told that our work is succeeding and it even more emphasizes the importance of our DVD project with AIG UK (see item below). Get behind it now with your financial and prayerful support. And also notice that the scientists are setting out to undermine the work of creationists alone. The evolutionist is scared of none. Your support is vital.(Ref. sceptics, anti creation)

150 UK HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS HEAR John Mackay being told; “you’re poisoning the minds of these students – get out now!” as a very angry Laboratory Assistant in one state high School assemble we spoke at finished his tirade during question time with; “There is No God, No Ghosts, and No Father Christmas!” At that point his status as an unprejudiced evidence based questioner came unstuck as his atheistic prejudice took the fore and he lost both students and most of the staff. By way of compensation, at least he got 2 out of 3 right, his outburst definitely ensured students won’t forget that class and an extra large group of students clustered around John Mackay to continue question time, after the lesson finished.

UK HIGH SCHOOL sends out warning letter to parents about controversial creationist John Mackay’s visit to the government school during October. We have been visiting this High School for years without any problems both to talk in class and to Lunchtime meetings. The end result of this warning however, was to double the numbers of students attending a voluntary lunchtime meeting compared to previous years. Some 80 mostly year 12 students, attended the Lecture organised by the creationist Science Master of the school.

NEW UK EDUCATION RULING OPENS DOORS as teachers are informed they can discuss creation in the science classroom if students are told it's not science. Now we and you can take the time to remind students that in the western world, science is defined as naturalistic explanations that leave God out – so creation could never have scientific support on that basis, doesn’t want it and doesn’t need it. Now let’s have a discussion about true or false, and wait to see if the relevant education authorities are brave enough to reveal their true colours and don’t want students discussing if something is true or false .

BUT “THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY SAYS” was a grade 12 students response to what John Mackay taught on the evidence for creation during a class room lecture. The students problem was that the Archbishop was the head of the church of England and he’s not a 6 day creationist and is an evolutionist, so how could anybody believe in creation? Sad old world isn’t it? But as the Bible says there is nothing new under the sun, Jesus was opposed by the religious leaders in his day.

UK PRESS MISSES PUBLIC SCHOOL PROGRAM this year as we have been teaching creation to 7 different high school classes during October, with several still to go. BUT they are starting to notice recently one paper published “ Evolution sceptic returns to Lancashire.” The meeting was packed and a good number of non Christians came, so again thank you the secular press. <


COUNCIL OF EUROPE CONDEMNS CREATIONISM, according to a Press Release and Resolution 1580 (2007) of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, 4 Oct 2007 and also reported in Nature News and Nature vol 449, p649, 10 Oct 2007. The Council of Europe is an intergovernmental assembly representing many nations of Europe that does not make laws for Europeans nations, but governments of member nations are encouraged to use its recommendations when drafting legislation. The Council is responsible for the European Convention on Human Rights and their resolution includes this statement: “If we are not careful, creationism could become a threat to human rights which are a key concern of the Council of Europe.” The Assembly goes on to defend the theory of evolution and includes a resolution: “The Parliamentary Assembly therefore urges the member states, and especially their education authorities: ... to promote the teaching of evolution as a fundamental scientific theory in the school curriculum.” The scientific evidence claimed for evolution by the Parliamentary Assembly is: “Evolution is present everywhere, from medical overprescription of antibiotics that encourages the emergence of resistant bacteria to agricultural overuse of pesticides that causes insect mutations on which pesticides no longer have any effect.” It also claims “Advances in medical research with the aim of effectively combating infectious diseases such as AIDS are impossible if every principle of evolution is denied. One cannot be fully aware of the risks involved in the significant decline in biodiversity and climate change if the mechanisms of evolution are not understood.”
Council of Europe Press Release:

Parliamentary Assembly Resolution:

ED. COM. Scientific studies of centuries old sealed soil samples containing bacteria which have never been exposed to modern antibiotics have shown that such bacteria already had resistance genes before antibiotics were in use by humans. Antibiotic and pesticide resistance are simply the result of the non-resistant forms being eliminated. Such observations do not explain how bacteria and insects could evolve from non-life and do not even explain where the resistance genes came from. Combating infectious diseases requires true scientific study of living organisms in the tradition of the creationist Louis Pasteur, who proved that spontaneous generation was a myth, proposed the germ theory of disease, and was an implacable opponent of evolution. Decline in biodiversity is the opposite of evolution, and climate change may result in some species dying out, but that is not evolution either. In fact none of the examples by the C of E have anything to do with a theory that claims hydrogen turned into people by natural processes over millions of years. If the evidence offered in the Council of Europe Resolution is the best there is for evolution, it is no wonder the evolutionists need politicians to enforce their teachings, rather than relying on genuine scientific study. (Ref. politics, education, philosophy)

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