New finds of FOSSIL LAND PLANTS in "Marine" Limestone west of Nashville. 

Geologist Bob Powell, USA, (February 2003) reports new finds of FOSSIL LAND PLANTS in "Marine" Limestone west of Nashville. The plants were found in the St Louis formation which is lower down the geologic column than the plants above which we discovered in the Hartselle Shales, near the Cumberland Plateau. No land plants are registered in the TN geological archives from either "marine" location.

The discovery was made by Bob's youngest daughter, Marilyn (below), and a friend as they were out biking. The new plants (right) are long strap-like structures up to1.5cm (¾ inch) wide and have been found in crystalline limestone which seems devoid of any other fossils. Your support enables us to do further exploration and research. Any comments on these plants forward to Plant Research c/- Praise God for His help in making such discoveries.

                 bob-powel-plant treeleavestn


              girl-with-rock-fossil girl-fossil 

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