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Data Projector Needed - PROJECT STARTED MARCH 07

Project completed February 2008

We have been to several churches and even universities where despite having some of the latest equipment and turning up at least an hour ahead to make sure our electronics talk to each other - we've often had to go to "Plan B" as the computerized equipment simply refused to lock into each other. As we really do need to be able to avoid this problem we would like to be able to purchase a good quality data projector which can be used in schools and large public halls and universities which we know locks into our computer laptops and presentations so that we can successfully present the latest materials in full colour and most attractively as we administer the gospel throughout this land. If you'd like to help with this project your gifts are needed now. Estimated cost $4000 - $8000


Dr Allan Hall Scholarship First Year Prizes 2005 

dr allan hall scholarship

THIS IS A CONTINUING PROJECT TO SUPPORT THIS PROJECTselect country nearest you Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA, Secure Web Give Gifts Tax deductible in UK and USA.

The first winners of the “Dr. Allen Hall” Memorial Scholarship for Biblical and Scientific Studies in Linguistics are shown above receiving their awards from Romulus Campan and John Mackay in the Oradea University Chapel.

They were First year: Mladin Natenael, Second year: Ionut Anorei, Third year: Lungu Narcis and Fourth year: Ciasu Bebe. Each student won US$500 to assist with University costs. Students were thrilled as were University authorities. Apparently this is a first for them also. To our supporters - a big thankyou from the students, from Prof Pop and from Creation Research. Join us in providing sufficient extra funds to cover the cost of the Library of sound Creation Study books, DVDs and Cds we have sent to Professor Ioan Pop, who organized this event.

ONE SUPPORTER has already funded the first University Student bursary for 2006. They have suggested a suitable research topic. Now's the time to forward gifts to support the 2006 Awards. It has also been suggested we make another research competition open to students in each country we have an office. We are happy to do this if you will support it with your gifts.
AAfter nearly 300,000Km (187,500 miles) it is not evolving into a Mercedes. It's actually falling apart. Is there someone out there who would like to assist us with the purchase of a new station wagon, that will enable us to continue to travel and down Eastern Australia and share the vision.
Estimated cost of replacement wagon $20,00 to $30,000 (Australian).
Project listed February 2003

New car is a Falcon Station Wagon, ex Govt health dept and a great deal.

Date completed December 2004


...What a dilemma? Should we go? The apostle James wrote...” ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.” James 4:15
We had it all planned. We would spend the first 6 months of 2004 catching up on Australian ministry. Then, during November last, Romulus Campan rang from Romania and said “The Oradea university had agreed to a teaching course on Creation for which students could earn Degree points. But! - the only time the uni could do this would be March. Please say yes!” Have you ever praised God for an opportunity and wished it was some other time? To say yes would mean frantically rearranging Australian ministry, and upsetting some in Australia who couldn't alter their dates easily. It would also mean frantically trying to “drum” up ministry in England on the way to and from Romania and Hungary in order to pay $3000.00 costs of travel expenses etc. One of the difficult joys of Creation Research ministry is that you can’t be in it for the financial rewards. There are very few! But...oh the joy of eternity when the streets will be paved with gold and we'll meet with those whom Christ has brought to Himself through the work He has put into our hands.
Saying yes... has also blown our budget for the first 6 months of the year. January is usually a lax ministry month and donations were just as lax. We finished January in the red. We took off in February to get to Romania and Hungary. Going also means we are not raising funds for the Australian office either. So would you stand with us financially and prayerfully at this time? We really need your help now! We can't do this ministry without friends such as you digging deep in their pockets to keep us out there.

Estimated cost approx. $3,000 (Australian). Project listed February 2004.

Date completed March 2004


Time and the ravages of over-use have brought Dr Diane Eager's computer system to the end of its days. It is now into its seventh year, and is not only rapidly getting out of date, it is wearing out. We need a replacement. We need the Lord to raise up someone who has $3000 ( Australian) they feel the Lord is calling them to invest in this ministry.
Estimated cost software and hardware, approx.$3,000 (Australian)
Project listed February 2003. Date completed May 2003

THE JACOB PROJECT JULY 2003 - For those of you who came in late Jacob lives on a Australian sheep property accidently shot himself through the hip/pelvis in June 2000. His parents of long been supporters of Creation ministry, so Christine Mackay ( daughter of John Mackay) sent out urgent emails on Creation Research mailing list asking for prayer.

Jacob has faced death many times since then with serious infections in his highly fragmented bones and doctors suspected he would not walk again.

Jacob is now walking with the aid of a crutch (photo left). Praise the Lord and keep up your prayers for Jacob and Creation Research.

GOD REALLY ANSWER PRAYER! See letter from Jacob's family 2003 click LETTER.

jacob1sm2 jacob2sm1

JACOB UPDATE JUNE 2004 - Easter 2004 was the first anniversary of Jacob walking unaided. Photo show Jacob playing at the Australian Gospel
Music Festival
over Easter.

Jacob's mum reports " The festival was really marvelous, as we left on the Sunday night, about
10,000 people were in the open amphitheatre singing "How Great Thou Art" ~ glorious!!!"


THE RUSSIA PROJECT: Ian Taylor, author of the great creation mini - encyclopaedia "In the Minds of Men,” fully funded the first Russian publication of his book for distribution to academics in that country after the iron curtain fell. That edition is nearly run out and Ian needs some $3000 - $5000 to reprint. Creation Research would like to assist Ian who is Canada based and can be contacted at In the USA, assist this project by tax deductible giving through Creation Research.

GOOD NEWS! Final gifts to complete this project sent May 2001

VAN NEEDED - EASTERN EUROPEAN MINSTRY US$25,000 - PROJECT STARTED MARCH 07. Project completed 07. Thanks to all who supported.
EXPANDING TV MINISTRY FROM EASTERN EUROPE. Romulus reports: "TV Director Tudor Petan has informed me that the first DVD of our most recently recorded programs in the series "The Verdict of Science is Creation", which have especially made for the English speaking public, has been completed and requests are coming for it not only from stations like Atlanta 57, but from a New York TV station as well. So Tudor is very excited to see us again in December and squeeze out of us as many programs as possible during the time in Timisoara. The Lord is at work, Praise God!"

Romulus hosts these programs and Tudor directs the camera crew and the recording studio. Pray much - your support makes this possible.
Gifts Tax deductible in UK and USA, click
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA, Secure Web Give Gifts Tax deductible in UK and USA.

VAN NEEDED - EASTERN EUROPEAN MINSTRY US$25,000 - PROJECT STARTED MARCH 07. Project completed 07. Thanks to all who supported.

Over the past few years you have read with joy the expansion of Creation Research ministry in Eastern Europe. You may also have noticed that our rep, Romulus Campan's family has been expanding too. His wife has just given birth to their fourth child and the little car we bought him to do ministry and go to university, is no longer suitable, as well as getting old and a little worn. We would like to be able to provide Romulus with a car which can hold him, his wife and 4 children, particularly for local ministry, going to church, and all those pragmatic things that need to be done to keep any ministry alive.

At this time it's even more vital to expand the truth of God's Word to Eastern Europe. We have been horrified at how, not even 2 decades after the collapse of communism, many churches which were incredibly strong, Bible based and survived through communism, have begun to adopt liberal ways. The most common attitude showed after a lecture John gave on the evidence the Bible is true, in a Baptist church in Hungary, which was translated by Romulus. After I had finished the lecture, the secretary of the local Baptist Union got up and stated to everyone that what we said was interesting, but it could be ignored and they should just get on with the gospel. Such compromise ranges everywhere from theistic evolution, and touchy feely Christianity to the acceptance of prosperity doctrine. Many up and coming younger leaders in the church cannot even remember communist persecution, and see no problem with an old earth or mixing Genesis and evolution together. But since the Lord Jesus warned us that those who reject Moses, reject Him, such compromise will weaken the gospel until the church collapses. There is no doubt that persecution made the church strong, but capitalism and compromise has made it weak. Pray for Romulus as he ministers in Hungary, Romania and Eastern Europe. Pray for the ministry as we share the Word in many languages via satellite TV throughout Eastern Europe. A new van for Romulus and his family will be a vital part of that.

Costs range from SECOND HAND Renault Van sits 6 approx. 2-3 years old, approx 100,000 km run, around $21,000 US. to 2007 model FIAT Scudo Van Seats: 6 plus load trunk, for bigger loads 1,6 Turbo Diesel approx. $26,000 US.



Romulus, Helga,
Lydia, Ronald & Naomi




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