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 WINNERS FOR HUNGARIAN DR STEWART SCHOLARSHIP for 2009 are: Berényi, György I. prize, Szabó, Viktor II prize , Pálfy, Gyula III prize, Bartha, Kitti special prize, Molnár, Janka Sára special prize. Congratulations. (PHOTOS BELOW).

NEW HUNGARIAN DR STEWART SCHOLARSHIPS are well under way and being administered locally by The Protestant Creation Research Group ( who are well advanced in promoting the competition to support the Biblical creation model. They write "On the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth, Christians are expected to apply without any age limit. With the competition, we would like to encourage them to get involved in the work of creation science." The competition will also be held to honour Hungarian Scientist Sámuel Diószegi (Diószegi Sámuel in Hungarian) who was a reformed Calvinist (or Presbyterian in English) pastor (1761-1813). He was an acknowledged Christian pastor. He wrote two Hymns, which we still sing at worship. He is also the founder of botany in Hungary; therefore he is famous in scientific circles. He is a very good example of how science and adherence to the Bible can work hand in hand.





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