Field Trips are a great day (or week) out collecting real evidence showing Creation is true and evolution is false. Enjoy a healthy time for the whole family collecting marvellous rocks and fossils where specimen taking is permitted and learn much about God's wonderful creation.

Free Audio 35 to 61 minute great messages from John Mackay topics include "GENESIS IS BASIC TO CHRISTIANITY", INTRODUCING CREATION RESEARCH" and "IN THE IMAGE OF GOD".

Free Advertising material is available to promote Creation Research meetings and programs in your area. The list includes publicity photographs and brochures, topics for Home School family fun day, High School and Public Meetings.

Free Publications are available including Evidence Brochures, Study Guides or Attachments. These may be printed, downloaded or copied without editing, but © copyright remains the property of Creation Research.

Home Schooling resources are available at many levels. We provide full day or week long Creation seminars and Field Trips for home schoolers of all ages. These are lots of fun with plenty of prizes to win. A very little outlay produces a great return in education.

Newsletters choose from 3 options: 1- FREE EVIDENCE NEWS UPDATES. 2 - FREE E-PRAYER UPDATES are electronically posted once a month for 9 months each year. 3 - Printed CREATION NEWS is posted (snail mail) a maximum of once per quarter.

Radio Programs consisting of 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute radio programs by International Director John Mackay may be freely downloaded. © copyright remains the property of Creation Research.

Seminars are available at all levels from elementary school through University, from one hour to one week, from gereral public meetings to church services.

Speakers are committed to proclaiming the truth of creation and the Creator Christ. We have received thousands of letters of people's accounts of their conversion to Christ as Creator, Saviour, Lord and God, as a result of being confronted with the evidence that God's Word is true from the beginning. To see some of these click TESTIMONIALS.



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