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 1 hour illustrated video which helps you trace all family trees to the various people groups that left the tower of Babel. Traces all races through the Bible from Adam to the present world, following any bibical hints about their skin colour and other racial features.

DVD 5.41 (Preview) - Demolishing Dawkins and Darwin DEFENDING DESIGN AND THE DESIGNER. Don't miss the latest DVD from Creation Research on how to demolish the foolish evolutionist schemes of men and proclaim the truth of Christ as Creator and Redeemer.

DVD 6.4 min (Preview) - Time's up Darwin now available. Stunning Wide Screen Documentary showing fascinating new evidences that strikes a lethal blow to Darwin's heart - the 'millions of years' required for evolution don't exist! Click here for Promo Page

DVD 6.4 min (Preview) - DARWIN on the rocks. THIS HD WIDESCREEN DOCUMENTARY was produced for 200th birthday of the man who said “I am sorry to have to inform you that I do not believe in the Bible as a divine revelation, and therefore not in Jesus Christ as the son of God” (Charles Darwin, November 1880.

DVD 5.51 min(Preview) - Darwin's Evolution - a very unnatural selection. “The continuing Darwin on the Rocks Project.” 55 min DVD, (suitable for teens+). Meet some well published Scientists who do believe Genesis is the real History of the world click HERE. BE AMAZED BY THE EVIDENCE DOWN UNDER.

DVD 4.48 min (Preview) - The Real Roots. Documentary filmed on location worldwide features proof from our genes and the colours of man's skin, that all mankind has been derived from Adam and Eve.

DVD 5.20 min (Preview) - As it was in the DAYS of NOAH. Why 666? In the last days, prophesies Peter, man will scoff at creation, the flood & Christ's return. Category: BIBLICAL TEACHING (suits high school +)

DVD 5.58 min (Preview) - The Amazing DESIGN OF LIFE. Dr Ed Neeland, Professor of Synthetic Chemistry at University of BC, was interviewed by John Mackay on the creation of life.  

DVD 5.37 min (Preview) -The Origin of the Races. Filmed on location around the world. See the evidence all human races come from the one man God made.

PDVD 5.15 min (preview) - Jehovah's Park the monsters God made. This 1½ hour documentary/interview (for high school age & up) will answer every question you ever had about dinosaurs.

DVD 5.08 min (Preview) - Genesis Geology the six days of creation. A great look at how the created world began. Reveals an exciting picture of God's signature in the rocks. (Suits 12yrs +)

DVD 4.55 min (Preview)Creation Research on satellite TV UK . John Mackay talks with UK broadcaster Howard Conder about Creation and Evolution.

DVD 5.01 min (Preview) - Climate Change and Creation "A Really Inconvenient Truth!" Join John Mackay as he looks at the big picture of the world's weather from the Word of the Creator who was there - not the theories of men who weren't!

DVD 5.05 min (Preview) - Biblical World View Seminar. Set of 3 DVDs for the price of 2. Three full sessions of Bible teaching by John Mackay: "What is a world view?"; "Can you spot their world view?"; "Race and Racism" plus Q & A. Category: Bible Teaching (suits 14 to Adult).

DVD 5.20 min (Preview) - As it was in the DAYS of NOAH. Why 666? In the last days, prophesies Peter, man will scoff at creation, the flood & Christ's return. Category: BIBLICAL TEACHING (suits high school +)

DVD 5.03 min (Preview) - God's Signature In Creation - ALLAH or CHRIST. A stunning look at the Nature of God seen in His creation. See the evidence Christ the real Creator is a Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit.

DVD 5 min preview - DINOSAURS the rest of the tail. Full of robot dinosaurs. Children love it. Adults are fascinated by it.




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