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Australian Rainfall Cycles
See real data of Australian rainfall cycles from 1890-2006.

Biblical Biology: Questions of Life and Death
According to evolutionary biology plants, animals and humans are all alive in the same way. The Bible tells us there are profound differences in the life of plants, animals and humans.

Biblical Thorns
In 2007 and 2009 John Mackay and colleagues found fossil plant stems with sharp thorny projections. Are these fossils "thorns", in the way the Bible refers to thorns? Are they thorns, spines or prickles according to modern botanical definitions?

Charles Darwin: Descent of a Man
Charles Darwin was a bright young theological graduate, but by the end of his life he had turned his back on God, denied that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and declared Scripture to be "manifestly false". What happened?

Cosmic Background Radiation and Zero Point Energy
Barry Setterfield explains how these relate to the expansion of the universe.

Dating Dinosaur Bones
Is it possible to carbon date dinosaur bones? If so, what does that mean for evolutionists who believe dinosaurs are millions of years old.

Dinosaurs: Evidence for Rapid Burial
What evidence is there for dinosaurs being rapidly buried, rather than being fossilised by slowly and gradually? Joe Taylor, one of the best fossil collectors we know, answers this question.

Eden's Location: Does it still exist? Biblical Issues
Does the use of the present tense parts of Genesis inicate the location of the Garden of Eden still exists?

Eden's Location: Geology of Proposed Eden Sites
Is is possible for the location of the Garden of Eden to have survived the devastation of the earth's surface during Noah's Flood?

Fossil Ink Should Make You Think
A simple experiment challenges evolutionists' belief about the age of a beautifully preserved fossil.

From Creation to Christmas
Creation is the key to understanding the real meaning of Christmas.

From Creation to the Cross
Why did Jesus have to die? Why is Jesus the only Saviour? These questions, and more, answered in this Bible Study.

How Long are Genesis Days?
How do we know the length of the days in Genesis? Does it matter that the description "evening and morning" is not stated for the seventh day?

Jesus: Divine and Human Nature
When Jesus came to earth he was fully man, but does that mean he lost any of his divine nature?

Kachina Bridge Dinosaur Refuted?
A petroglyph (rock carving) on Kachina Bridge looks like a dinosaur, but evolutionary scientists claim they have refuted this. Vance Nelson has examined the petroglyph and the evolutionists' claims. Read his report.

Land and Sea Snails: Separate Creations
Some land snails can go under water. Are land and sea snails the same? Is there evidence land snails evolved from sea snails?

Life: Design or Natural Processes?
Can we recognise Design? If so, what is the evidence for design in living things?

Living Fossils
The term "living fossil" is used to describe living organisms whose fossils are the same as living specimens. The term was coined by Charles Darwin, but living fossils provide no evidence for evolution. Instead, they are evidence that living things multiply after their kind, as Genesis says they were created to do.

Polystrate Trees: Flood Burial of Not?
Are polystrate trees really evidence of rapid catastrophic flood burial, or could they be formed slowly by mineral springs? See the evidence here.

Review: Seven Days that Divide the World
John Lennox claims his book Seven Days that Divide the World reconciles Scripture and modern science. However, is he really undermining Scripture? Read Simon Turpin's review of this book.

Rise of Theistic Evolution
How are evolutionists making their theory so popular among theologians and in churches at the same time creationists have so successfully exposed its major errors?

Should Christians get Tattoos?
Tattoos are now fashion items in modern western culture, but should Christians join the trend? Does the Bible have anythjing to say about tattoos?

Snail Evolution Project
School children across Europe are participating in a project that is claimed to show evolution in snails. What does the study of snails really show?

Take Off Darwin's Glasses
One of the reasons people refuse to even consider evidence for creation is that they are looking at the world through Darwin’s Glasses. By this we mean they applying the following logic: Define evolution as “change,” then call all change “evolution”, then accept any change as proof of evolution, then turn around and claim such change disproves creation.

Trilobite Eyes
Prof. Andy McIntosh explains the brilliant design seen in the eyes of trilobites.

Vegetarian: Can we eat as in Eden?
Adam was told to eat plants. Some Christians believe we should eat a vegetarian diet to please God and stay healthy. Are there any diet restrictions for Christians?

Vestigial Organs
Are there such things as vestigial organs? If so do they prove evolution?



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