Abortion voters a real factor, contends Director of Elliot Institute who stated  "At least one of every four women voters has had an abortion, and most of these women consider it to be an ugly, painful memory," he said. "Most have many regrets about their abortions, even if they believe it to have been their 'only choice'. This is why they don't support the radical agenda of pro-abortion special interest groups. They've been there, done that, and hated it." The poll shows 67 percent of pro-choice women stated they would be "more likely to vote for a candidate who calls for government support for grief counseling programs to assist women who experience emotional problems after an abortion."  www.WorldNetDaily.com January 28th, 2004
Editorial Comment:  If the anti-abortion lobby wants to win the fight, they'll have to see the link between abortion and evolution and aim to get rid of both or they'll fail.


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