Sex is inbuilt conclude two recent studies of 25 genetically male children with genital deformities who were raised as girls, receiving hormone and other treatment. Dr William Reiner who worked on both studies said " these children demonstrate that normal male gender identity can develop not only in the absence of the penis, but even after the removal of testicles or castration at birth and unequivocal rearing as females." Courier Mail (Australia) Monday May 22, 2000 p.14 reports researchers at John Hopkins University said most of the children reassigned themselves as males when they got older.

Editorial Comment: This is the evidence you'd expect as proof of Christ's statement "In the beginning God made them male and female" (Matthew 19:4). It is also a warning that we should continue to distinguish men from women, and that the de-gendered language is part of the evolutionists attack on God's creation of separate sexes.


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