Russian zoo death as woman cleaner walks into wrong enclosure by mistake. “It's surely not the tiger’s fault. She was merely defending her home,” said a zoo official in Ukraine's capital. The Amur tiger originated in Siberia reported The Times (UK) March 11 p38.

Editorial Comment: As the world becomes more evolutionistic animals logically gain more equality with man, who is increasingly viewed as merely one more product of random natural processes. The real world God created has been commanded to run on different rules. After Noah's flood God gave previously vegetarian man permission to kill and eat animals. Wisely He then both put a fear of man on the animals and legislated that any animal that attacked and killed a man had to be put to death (Genesis 9:5). The Amur tiger above is no exception. What is the basis of this law? Genesis 9:6 states the reason clearly: 'man alone is made in the image of God.' (Ref. Law, Justice, Animal rights)


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