Primordial Pac-Man as moving oil droplets hint at life’s origin, according to New Scientist, 23 January 2011, p8 and 5 March 2011, p8-9. Researchers have injected oil drops with reactive chemicals which lower the oil’s surface tension and results in moving the oil drops forward. The droplets can even negotiate a maze if the entrance and exit are at opposite ends and there is a chemical gradient across it. This movement, powered by chemical reactions, is touted as “possessing life-like properties”. The article concludes with the claim that “if you get the conditions right, basic life may emerge fully formed.”

Editorial Comment: This study nicely shows how intelligent scientists can inject oil drops with reactive chemicals and make them move. But does this allow us to connect the dots and explain how chemistry became biology? Just as in the oil drop study, reactive chemicals (dynamite) can also move a piece of steel very fast but the moving steel does not possess life-like properties nor does it explain how a rocket ship was created. So what does making oil drops move have to say about getting the right conditions to fully form life, its machinery and the incredible complex information that enables even a single celled amoeba to move? Actually nothing! Without exception, experience has shown that complex information (like that found in the living cell) only comes from an even more complex source. That Source has already told us who was responsible for life – check out Genesis 1:1). (Ref abiotic, chemical evolution, design)

Evidence News 16 March 2011


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