CANADIAN CREATION RESEARCH MUSEUM ENCOURAGEMENT as curator Martin Legemaate expands the museum with new Fluorescent Mineral Display and great new fossils for the Ontario tourist season. Museum visitors Bob and Susan Dubasz, wrote to Martin: "I would like to compliment you on the great Kingdom Work you are doing with Goodwood museum. Susan and I enjoyed our visit this morning thoroughly. I purchased the two Darwin (on the rocks) DVDs as per my interest in Joggins. I read the newspaper articles from your opposition in on your bulletin board and can only comment ....blessed are those who are persecuted in the name of our Lord! May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ greatly bless and protect your efforts. See Creation Research Canada Museum.
Science Lecturer Dr Gary Chiang writes about the 3rd fossil Creation Research Museum display set up at Redeemer University in Ancaster Canada by Creation Researcher Martin Legemaate. Dr Chiang says: "Martin's new cabinet display has added a wonderful dimension to the entire three cabinets of the Creation/Flood Evidence Museum here at Redeemer. They look amazing. Within these cabinets, set in a high traffic area in our university, people have a wonderful opportunity to see how the scientific evidence can be explained in terms of a major catastrophic event. We have also included evolution literature to give some balance to the display. When presented in this fashion, it is difficult not to interpret evolution as a poor, if not convoluted explanation of the facts. On the other hand, Creationism is shown to be clear and completely scientific. Thank you Martin".


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