NEW FINDS A BLESSING as recent trip to  Kingaroy in Southern Queensland, peanut capital of the world (they boast), also  produced the spectacular finds on this page  Years ago a gem collector  noticed some great fossils on one of his trips but couldn’t quite remember  where it was in the general Kingaroy region. So using his Mud Map and praying  the Lord might raise up locals to help us along the way we started  –  several hours of phone calls, conversations, meetings, lunches and we were  there. The results were great. 


Not only did we find some great purple amethysts (above) washed down in recent flooding in Queensland, but we tracked down the original fossil beds which are part of the old Esk Formation, ( which we have previously investigated elsewhere ) and which on this trip produced the spectacular tree fern (below)  which is even more wonderful evidence that Gods word is true/ Even those who claim these Triassic rocks are up to 200 million years old, are absolutely flabbergasted by the evidence that shows tree ferns have turned into tree ferns and evolution is made again a laughing stock one more time. All of which illustrated a point we make time and time again – God does not expect you to believe the Bible in order to make it true! He expects you to believe what he has said in his Word because it is true!!. He did create and he did make both the plants and the animals and all living creatures to produce after their own kind.      

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