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Monday April 22nd was a fitting day for field research in the Georgian Bay Formation in Meaford Ontario where Ian Juby and Martin Legemaate continue their trace fossil study. A trace fossil is just that, a trace left by a creature but not the creature itself. The weather was great and the vegetation at this time of year was minimal which made for easy access
to the creek bed where the rock formation is exposed.
Ian Becky and Zimran getting ready for the trip up to Meaford Ont.
Friday Zimran down in the ravine at Workmans Creek

Martin and Ian at the creek bed exposing the Georgian Bay Formation. The Georgian Bay Formation is a massive bed of rock exposed in many areas of Ontario and underlies much of North Eastern USA.

p2_mussel burrow
Large vertical invertebrate burrow. Note dollar coin for size.
(An invertebrate is an animal without a back bone)
p2 limestone bed
Almost immediately we spotted these markings in a sandstone bed. These curious markings are invertebrate burrows probable created by worms. The presence of these vertical burrows tells us this sediment had quickly and deeply hardened before the burrow coud be destroyed by water currents. (Burrows outlined in red)
Another mystery solved for us was the presence of dumbbell type markings on the tops and bottoms of slabs.
Dumbbell traced in red.
It turns out that the dumbbell marking is a top view of the invertebrate burrow. This slab is proof showing top view (epirelief), side  view (endorelief). Note the other one just behind the coin.


More evidence of a turbulent environment were the presence of tool
marks on the bottom of the slabs where debris scraped along the mud
leaving these marks now preserved in stone with some even showing a flow direction.

Modern studies* say the deposits (rocks) were attributed to the
catastrophic events associated with unusually largestorms, tropical storms and hurricanes. TheGeorgian Bay Formation is another example (of many) showing evidence of a violent past that fits nicely with thebiblical account of Noah's (one year long) flood followed by continuing catastrophism that still effects planet earth. Every time we have an earthquake, you are looking at one long term result of the breakup of the land that began at Noahs flood. Every time you see or feel a savage storm it should
remind you of weather that first began on a global scale in the days of Noah.
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