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uk marguerite72John and Marguerite Young were born again in 1988 and they attended Endeavour Christian Fellowship under the pastorship of Bryn Barrett, and close friend of John Mackay's. Bryn asked if we would be willing to work with John Mackay as UK co-ordinators and so here we are some 24 years later serving our Lord in defending the Faith from Genesis to Revelation  which is the inspired, inerrant and infallible Word of God. John and Marguerite live in Manchester and have a son and a daughter. Marguerite is a teacher at Trinity Independent Christian School in Stalybridge, Cheshire.

In 1991 the Lord called them to take the Gospel to the Jewish communities in Manchester and Liverpool and so Sulam Ya'aqov Messianic Fellowship started in 1992 and has grown ever since under his guidance and blessing. John also pastors Hyde Christian Fellowship, Hyde, Cheshire. John and Marguerite have thoroughly enjoyed working with John Mackay and the team over the years as the saints are given the Creation facts for the Faith in combatting the lie of evolution.


uk ed huddleston72Ed Huddleston is married to Hazel and has four sons and daughter, three grandsons and one granddaughter. He comes from an agricultural background and lives in a rural community near Lancaster, North West England. He now works full time for a Christian Humanitarian Aid Charity called International Aid Trust, managing a warehouse sending humanitarian aid around the world. He enjoys the Bible and Science.


uk andrew forbes72From a young age Andrew Forbes found the theory of evolution very unconvincing. He didn't find that 'natural selection' and 'survival of the fittest' are helpful principles that work constructively in Studying the philosophy of natural science at university convinced him even more that the observable and testable scientific facts fit the Biblical account of creation far more precisely than a belief in blind chance and millions of years. Developing a successful financial services company was mainly achieved through creative thinking and hard work.

'Without the inspiration and assistance of personally knowing the Creator my life could have been a failure'. Waste and failure is something that he has been sad to observe in the lives of some relatives and friends who have chosen to believe humanism and blind chance.

Thankfully, Andrew's two sons have also rejected the popular myth of evolution and they too are more interested in true science and honest research. We only have one lifetime opportunity to be people that please our Heavenly Father and exercise faith in the Biblical world view that best fits the facts about life and death.

uk david keep72David Keep was brought up in a non-Christian home. His father however, was brought up in the church but when he started to read about the theories of science and saw the apparent conflicts with Genesis 1-10, he asked his church leaders about it - but they could not answer his questions. So he left the church and sought God in other strange (new-age-like) places. So David was brought up in that environment and went on to study the laws of God's creation (physics) at London university where he readily accepted all the theories of the big bang and evolution. However, at some point Jesus' statement that "no one comes to The Father but through me" had to be dealt with. It must be true or false, there is no middle ground and if false it is evil and arrogant. After years of wrestling with God and looking for ways to justify his anti-Christianity, he eventually lost the fight in late 1992 and recognized that the bible IS Gods Word and Jesus really is the Way the Truth and the Life. But Genesis 1-10 and big bang theories remained a problem which his own attempts did not satisfactorily resolve. One day a couple of years later, he was invited to attend a talk by John Mackay. It sounded crazy and he really did not want to go to it, but he did and to his amazement John spoke about the scientific evidence and hardly mentioned the bible. It took a bit more background reading and another couple of years, but as God is the creator of the universe and has given us His Word in the bible, there can be no conflict between the facts of science and Gods Word. The theories of man need revising!

So I'm happy to support John and his ministry in whatever ay I can. My father would never have left the church if he had been able to talk to him...David is married to Karen since 1980 and has 3 children, two daughters and a son.




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