Live pictures of living fossil reported in BBC News 15 June 2006. Earlier this year dead specimens of a previously unknown rodent were found by scientists in a market in Laos. The animal was found to be a living version of a rodent that was believed to extinct for 11 million years. An expedition of scientists led by David Redfield of a Florida State university have now captured and filmed a live specimen of the animal and confirmed it is the same animal found in the hunters market. Mary Dawson, curator emeritus of vertebrate palaeontology at the Carnegie Museum who worked on the identification of the rodent commented: "This is a truly exciting discovery. Dr Redfield's sighting of the living animal is the first to be recorded scientifically. These are the first photographic images of the recently discovered 'living fossil' Laonastes aenigmamus."


Editorial Comment: A "living fossil" is a creature whose fossil and living specimens are the same. This is no help to a theory that claims one kind of creature turned into another. Every time scientists find a "living fossil" they are finding proof that living creatures have reproduced after their own kind, just as Genesis says. (Ref. rodents, Asia, mammals)

Evidence news 24th April 2007


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