Lion lies down with oryx according a report in The Guardian, 8 October 2002, p.15. Kamuniak the lioness continues to baffle wildlife experts by adopting her fifth baby oryx this year. She protects them from other predators and allowed the natural mothers to feed them. Theories abound to explain the phenomenon such as "not having her own cubs, Kamuniak is lonely; she is colour-blind and short-sighted and thinks the calves are cubs; the oryx were too frail to flee, breaking the classic prey behaviour and confusing the hunter; Kamuniak wants to be a vegetarian; Kamuniak wants to be loved."

Editorial Comment: This is a strange occurrence in a world corrupted by sin, violence and death. However, this would have been perfectly normal in the good world that God originally made. Genesis 1 and 2 tells us that all animals were originally meant to eat plants and there was no death. In such a world lions really could lie down with lambs, oryxes, or any other creature in peace (not pieces). (Ref. lion, diet, mammals, animals)


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