DINOSAURS NOW AT JURASSIC ARK - What would a Jurassic Ark Park be without T-rex or Triceratops? This is just the beginning as we stock our Garden of Eden with dinosaurs. The groups of Home Schoolers (below right) completing their museum work books, were both challenged and motivated by these new dinosaurs during our Jurassic Ark walk through history of the world, from Adam to Australia.
“Also arrived is our Apatosaurus. Students will be challenged, intrigued and motivated when they see these creatures in our Garden of Eden as part of our Jurassic Ark walkthrough history of the world from Genesis 1 day 1 onwards.


VOLUNTEERS A GREAT HELP as we get an "Every Palm Under the Sun" plantation going, so you can see what "after its kind" means with relationship to the Palm Tree family. People think that seeing different palms is proof of evolution, whereas in reality it's variation "within a kind".
Volunteer your services today ph (07) 3206 4467 or email: info@creationresearch.net

Now on its way as well, is a dinosaur they can  actually excavate. This real life dino fossil cast will give
students excellent  experience on how to actually excavate dinosaurs in the field under the guidance  of our fossil experts.
There   are school groups coming soon, so special  thanks to those who support   this Jurassic Ark
project with your gifts.
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