Human brain size down, evolution over, pronounces Prof. Steve Jones on BBC Radio 4, Today programme, 7 October 2008. During an interview entitled “Is human evolution over?” Jones was asked concerning our future evolution “...I think there is some evidence that we already have bigger brains than we used to have. Not least when you look at chimpanzees. Is that not a direction, you know, that in the future we will have bigger brains still?

Jones replied “To be frank with you, I don’t think so. The odd thing is we certainly have bigger brains than chimpanzees but we have smaller brains than Neanderthals.

Editorial Comment: We are not surprised Jones said this, when punctuated evolutionist Prof Gould said way back in the 1980’s: 'We're not just evolving slowly. For all practical purposes we're not evolving. There's no reason to think we're going to get bigger brains or smaller toes or whatever we are what we are. Stephen Jay Gould (Professor of Geology and Palaeontology, Harvard University) October 1983. As reported in 'John Lofton's Journal', The Washington Times, 8 February 1984.

And in Australia this editor still remembers the furore when he quoted one of our Aussie research scientists pronouncing Human evolution over at a 1983 conference; “Without giving anything away beforehand he said “Evolution had come to a halt, not because we had reached perfection, but because we had stepped outside the process two million years ago”.’ Ronald Strahan (former senior research scientist and Director of Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney, now working with the Australian Museum, Sydney). Reported in Northern Territory News, 14 September 1983, p.2. (Ref mankind, intelligence, devolution)

Evidence News 29 October 2008


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