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Our brand new 200m ‘After its Kind’ garden  how’s God’s wonderful created “Kinds” kick the pants 
off evolution. Scroll to page 3 of PDF newsletter 

One section is our Orchid garden. We need heaps of Australia native orchids, and others, and we need your help to get them - King Orchids, Rock Lillys, Cymbidiums, and any you know survive well outside. Thanks to those who have already helped but we still need heaps more. Contact Anne or Natalie on 07 3206 4467 O/H or 0488 740 407 A/H to donate plants or finance

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Vision radio

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Living fossils prove nothing.

Great Interview between the Creation Guy John Mackay and Steve Stuttle at 4CRB Gold Coast ..recorded 17 November 2016. Covers the USA election results on education and much more. Click HERE
Interview John Mackay. Mosquitoes what good are they?