After decades of ministry around the globe, there are some things that myself and our worldwide Creation Research Team need your help. Let me share from the little needs up to the big one and you start asking how you can help." Blessings John Mackay

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JURASSIC ARK NEEDS - Jurassic Ark is the worlds only Outdoor Creation Museum and dig site. It has its own spectacular fossil trees plus original Jurassic fossils we brought back from the Jura Mountains in Germany, along with Biblical gardens and murals located at Gympie Australia. Pics on HOME PAGE click MUSEUM then Jurassic Ark. Here’s what’s needed.

DINOSAUR PROJECT: four great dinosaurs have already arrived, including one, nicknamed Minmi - an Ankylosaur buried so quickly that fossilised food was still in its guts - great evidence of rapid flood deposition. So special thanks for your support in helping us get these. Now we need to expand. Models cost from $600 (babies) to $40,000 (huge adults).

MURAL PROJECT: This visually beautiful 200m project portrays the truth of God’s Word from beginning to end as a new Mural from a UK Artist helps further illustrate the Biblical history of the world. To print/build stands and covers for each mural costs approx $1600, even with artists donating time and materials. We also need a Kiwi Artist to do a mural on the Kiwi Kind. You’ve got the living birds in New Zealand and we’ve got the fossil ones in OZ. Any takers? Contact

FOSSIL SAND PIT will be a place where kids can dig up their own fossils, both for experience as well as the thrill of finding a real fossil. We have cut the boards for a 3m x 3m sandpit, now we need people to help us afford the cost of a shade cover sand so kids can enjoy it safely and it meets all modern health and safety requirements etc. Cost $2500.

LIVING FOSSIL GARDEN shade covers as some of the living fossil plants are proving sensitive to the Gympie heat in summer. COST for supports covers and building for each section around $2000.

THE BIG ONE …A DOWN UNDER CREATION MUSEUM is becoming a reality after decades of digging and researching with your support, has made our worldwide collection of “evidence” for creation/Noah’s Flood and against evolution/millions of years huge. It is the basis for the future Down under Creation Museum and yes we do need vast amounts of money and helpers, so pray for the millions needed. We also need the time, supporters and volunteers to assist. A Southern Hemisphere Creation Museum needs to be close to airports, city, etc so we need land, plus buildings. Is God calling you to be part of this great outreach project? Contact John on or phone Australia 07 3206 4467

WEB GIVE TO ANY OF THE ABOVE or click country of your choice AUSTRALIA, CANADA, NZ. Donations in UK and USA are tax deductable. Post gifts to your nearest Creation Research Office click



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