UK FABULOUS FOSSIL FINDS report by Joseph Hubbard (top right).

After a week of temperatures up to 35Celcius,  the Lord gave us gorgeous weather for our Creation Research Field Trip to West Runton, last Saturday. The trip was an amazing success find- wise, and we were blessed by the finds and unique geology found on Norfolk’s east coast.

Our finds included a huge fossil sponge found by Gavin(top left), brilliantly detailed and over a foot (1/3m) high – which must have been fossilised very rapidly, no millions of years. We also found a chunk of flint with six echinoids imbedded all angles (lower right). These “fossil dumps” are one of the best evidences they can’t have taken a long time to fossilise, as they clumped together in various positions. They were obviously caught up, and dumped together, being quickly fossilised.

We praise the Lord for these finds, which continue to provide evidence for the truth of His Word, and his authority as Maker, and Judge of the whole World and are making for marvellous UK Creation Research Museum displays. Take advantage of UK Tax benefit Gift Aid to multiply your giving CLICK. And Continue to support and pray for Creation Research UK 

Plan also to coming of our field trips, and praying for the success of field trips to come!  




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