Dr. Andy is well known for his emphasis on God's clever design as real evidence of God's handiwork and existence, and unashamedly ties it to the coming of Christ and the resurrection. The evidence on this DVD is overwhelming, undeniable and brilliantly encouraging. Plus you will hear Dr Andy in a way you have never heard before.

Interviewed by the Creation Guy John Mackay it's a wonderful hour not only looking at evidence, or sharing discoveries you have never heard before, but revealing the real person behind all the research. Not just the academic Professor, but the Christian Professor of science and engineering. Professor Andy's award winning research has shocked much of the academic world because they love to use things like the bombardier beetle as evidence of evolution, when the world's biomimicry experts like Andy are utilizing it to desiqn, new inventions copied from God's handiwork, benefiting mankind in general and science in particular, outreach of the gospel for sure.

You'll love this. You'Il learn from it.
You'll be able to share it with friends and sceptics alike.



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